1. Kwick6's Avatar
    I have Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and 2016 Honda Accord. Android Auto needs to be louder. I have to turn volume up to 40 on stereo to get to decent listening level.
    02-02-2016 05:17 PM
  2. bpryde's Avatar
    Do You mean Google's voice? You should be able to adjust the volume while she is talking. That is different volume adjustment then listning to music or when she is not talking.
    02-03-2016 10:16 AM
  3. jmarkey77's Avatar
    This may double post, I got an error.

    I have an aftermarket stereo in our car and had the same problem and adjusting the volume on the fly while driving didn't work for me. This app solved my problem.


    Before I drive I turn everything up but music which I turn down. I'm normally using Google Music or NPR One while driving and this worked for me.
    02-03-2016 10:39 AM
  4. bpryde's Avatar
    I noticed on that App the last update is: "Fixed issue with slow internet connections". Makes me wonder why an app that fixes volume needs internet access after the install. Spam you with ads maybe? Tracking locations and sending back other info? I dont know, but it does make me curious
    02-03-2016 01:59 PM
  5. jmarkey77's Avatar
    It does ask for a lot of permissions a volume app shouldn't need. I turned all of them off when I installed it. Like why does it need access to my calendar? I'm sure there are apps that use less permissions to solve the problem, I haven't found one yet.
    02-03-2016 03:14 PM
  6. Phil Nickinson's Avatar
    FWIW it lists reasons for the permissions in the app description.
    02-03-2016 04:22 PM
  7. bodlon's Avatar
    I had this problem with low volume earlier today with note 5 in Skoda superb, corrected it by using the volume buttons whilst it was connecting

    Posted via the Android Central App
    02-27-2016 01:10 PM
  8. Jadzia2000's Avatar
    I'm having the same problem.

    I have a pioneer 7100nex and about 2 weeks ago I had issues with my Note 4 connecting to the pioneer unit where the screen would go black. It wasn't the Head unit it was the phone. The volume via usb was normal and had not issues.

    Ever since I reset my phone, my volume is extremely low. I've usually had it about 5 or 6 volume and now have to bump it to about 20 to get decent sound.

    I checked Google play equalizer settings a maximum and even activated the adapt sound and had the default volume to 15.

    But when plugging the phone back into the usb I still get the same low volume.

    I even changed USB cables.

    Is there a way to fix this or can anyone confirm what setting on the phone I need to use?

    My SD card and bluetooth work fine with the volume levels.
    02-27-2016 05:55 PM

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