1. Joseph Sheu's Avatar
    Hi guys,

    just thought i'd post up my experiences and see if others can chime in and offer their 2c.

    Car: 2016 VW Golf R with MIB II head unit (with AA and Apple car play) 6.5" screen
    Phone: Nexus 6P
    AA version: currently 1.6.240040

    1. Android auto has been getting better - I used to have to retry connecting, unplug / replug in for it to work, perhaps 4/10 times. In the past week, its been close to perfect in this regard.

    2. The recent update was supposed to allow users to scroll through google play music without restrictions as long as the vehicle is parked. This feature is not working properly for me. The system will tell me that I can only scroll further when I am parked (despite being parked, with gear selector in P and handbrake ON) even just after 3 or 4 scrolling motions within the playlist.

    This one is interesting, as under the maps feature, you can only type when the vehicle is stationary (parked?) and this restriction is working just fine....but in music it isnt?

    3. I often go through periods of receiving lots of IMs from friends and colleagues. they can often be overwhelmingly frequent, and I would like to mute the notification sounds (i dont mind the banner). But I cant seem to adjust this volume - can anyone offer advise?
    04-05-2016 11:45 PM
  2. OliverK's Avatar
    1. That AA App update fixed that problem; I have a GTD and I was getting annoyed by the 5 minutes of messing about trying to connect it and now it works every time so I am very happy with that.

    2. Google Play only gives me a very limited choice of playlists; I can't scroll the full library. I think that Google may have either accidentally misrepresented the change or haven't turned it on yet.

    In Spotify however I can now scroll when stopped through any list without the 5 touch limit. As soon as I start moving it locks in out but it is great I can either at lights or when stopped scroll everything on there (even though it doesn't work through GPM).

    3. I don't think there is way to mute or reduce the volume in the car. I know on my previous car with a Pioneer system there was the option to independently adjust notification volumes or mute them but there isn't on my MIB2 unit. Maybe Google might add that in the future.
    04-11-2016 02:52 PM
  3. Tom Westrick's Avatar
    I think the Google Play Music app itself still needs to be updated to support the parking features. I don't know anyone with the new AA update that can actually tap more than 5 times in Play Music while parked.
    04-11-2016 05:40 PM

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