1. hokkaaaido's Avatar
    Hi there,

    I recently purchased a Volkswagen 2016 Golf and have been using my Galaxy S7, specifically the Dual-sim variant running Marshmallow 6.0.1, to run android auto. I've actually had a really smooth experience with AA so far, but I have been having some minor issues and wanted to see if anyone else was running into this/if there were any solutions.

    Problem #1 - I'm finding that every time I connect my phone, it prompts me to connect my S7 as if it were a new bluetooth device - It prompts me on my car dashboard to connect, gives a password, etc. It also asks me to set up "smart lock" every time. Even though I click yes to everything, the settings don't persist and I'm prompted again the next time I plug in. My Volkswagen also disappears from the smart lock settings after I've unplugged my phone.

    In the Android Auto app itself though, it shows my volkswagen as a remembered device, and AA does consistently start (eventually). It's just annoying having all these prompts on the car dashboard, and the smart lock notification on my phone every time I get out of the car.

    Problem #2 - I'm finding that after exiting my car and unplugging my phone, spotify continues to play music. Sometimes it'll begin playing through my phone speakers quite obnoxiously after unplugging my phone, or the spotify app will show as "playing", progressing through my playlist, with no actual music playing.

    Problem #3 - After unplugging my phone, despite my notification settings at "vibrate", I'll get audio notifications on my phone. I have to mess around with the notification settings a few times for it to work properly again.

    With regard to problem #2 and #3, it seems like these are issues with AA not disconnecting from my phone properly, or the app not shutting down properly. Is there a particular way or sequence of steps that I should perform when disconnecting my phone from my car? (Similar to ejecting the SD card in software before pulling it out)

    I've tried googling these issues, but I've had trouble finding resources for help. I've only discovered AA very recently so this is quite new to me haha Despite the knit picky issues listed above though, I've really enjoyed the AA experience so far. Entering locations is a breeze, and google maps has been fantastic.

    Thanks in advance!
    07-04-2016 06:47 PM
  2. Pedrore's Avatar
    I have recently bought the same vehicle. I am using a Nexus 5X and so far the experience is quite good but I have also seen a few glitches.

    #1 - I am not seeing this one. I did the setup once and now when I plug it in, AA is activated without further prompts (although it can take some time).

    #2 - I have this occasionally, when the media app I am playing from will briefly sound over the phone speaker after I unplug but it hasn't been a major issue for me.

    #3 - I haven't tried this since I generally have my notification volume on, but on low (not typically on vibrate).

    I have had a few issues with the voice command prompt being slow or hanging but I need more time to try some of this out.
    07-05-2016 02:49 PM
  3. flugelboy's Avatar
    I'm not going to be much help here other than to say I have a similar setup. 2016 Golf R with a Galaxy s6.

    #1 I see this occasionally but not always. I find it usually helps to launch the android auto app on the phone before plugging it into the car. I run into connection problems most of the time unless I do that.

    #2 I have this same problem using Google Play Music. It happens about half the time. The phone just keeps playing music after unplugging. I "think" turning the car off an opening the door (to turn the car stereo off) while the music is still playing might have something to do with it, but it's very inconsistent for me.

    #3 This doesn't happen to me. My notification volume is always where I has it set previously.
    07-06-2016 08:57 AM

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