1. bobzam's Avatar
    2016 Honda LX and HTC M8 phone. I have used Android Auto with varying success but recently I am locked out. When I try to set a destination Android Auto pops up a green screen with exclamation mark in middle and says 'Check your phone for Google Maps needed permissions'. This takes over Android Auto and cannot do anything or find a way to clear this screen.

    I have been all through the phone and have all permissions may times to set all permissions on for Android Auto and Google Maps and GPS. I even uninstalled and reinstalled both Google Maps and Android Auto and still get the same green screen and message!

    By its self Google Maps works fine with directions and GPS tracking.

    I read I can reset my car head unit by holding off button on head unit but that does not seem to do anything.

    Would like to figure out how to correct this issue. Thanks
    08-19-2016 01:37 PM
  2. Andrew DeFaria's Avatar
    I've seen some messages like this before. It may be that AA on your phone has multiple connections to your car and one of them is bad. Try this:

    1. While disconnected from your car, run Android Auto on your phone
    2. Tap the gear icon
    3. If you have multiple cars listed remove them. You can remove them by swiping right (totally non-intuitive) or you can tap the menu button in the upper right corner and select Forget All Cars then reconnect to your car.

    When I connected my car I renamed the "Chevy My Link" name to "Blue Thunder" which is my name for my Corvette. Later I went in there and saw a second listing for "Chevy My Link". Perhaps you have multiple cars listed and should clear that out and attempt to re-establish the connection.
    08-24-2016 03:40 PM

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