1. J Wadle's Avatar
    I'm using AA on my Nexus 6P (Nougat 7.1) with my VW MIB II (Discover Pro) head unit. I'm having four problems on which I would appreciate some feedback:

    1) AA does not respond to the "Voice" button on my steering wheel. Instead the button responds with the head unit's voice control. It was my understanding that when AA was running, it would seize control of the hardware Voice button for its own use use (i.e. as an alternative to "OK Google").

    I found the solution to this one: Short press on the voice button gets head unit voice response, long press on the button gets AA "OK Google" response.

    2) When using Pandora I have to press Play repeatedly (2-3 times) to get the first song playing.

    3) Using Google Play Music, the message "Loading ..." appears for a lengthy time (2-3 minutes) before the first song begins

    4) When the phone is first connected to the head unit via USB, it is recognized and I see the messages "Nexus 6P connected" and "A2DP disabled", but it does not automatically switch to the AA main screen. Instead I have to go to the head unit menu and select AA from the AppConnect menu. I understood that AA would start automatically when connected.,

    Thanks for any assistance.

    04-03-2017 02:04 PM
  2. OliverK's Avatar
    2 and 3 seem to be internet related issues; depending on where you are it will take longer or shorter to load. It is of course possible the app or phone is having a moment where its being buggy and just needs to be quit or the phone turned on and off. It happens and just because its plugged into the car doesn't change anything.

    4 is wrong. You need to select AA on the app connect screen to get it to open up. It doesn't do it by itself.
    04-04-2017 02:33 PM
  3. J Wadle's Avatar
    Thanks for the feedback.

    I agree with your comments on 2 and 3. On a related issue, I am unclear on how AA selects the music asked for between your own library and other available music. If I ask to "Play Paul Simon" I expected AA to play the one Paul Simon album I have in my library. Instead it picks a random Paul Simon song from the overall Google Music collection.

    Is there a list of recommended ways to ask AA to do things (i.e. key words)?
    04-10-2017 11:53 AM

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