1. poit57's Avatar
    I just got a new car with Android Auto and had Spotify playing just fine. I then tried to pull up the "Music" app by Sony (I have an Xperia) to play my music stored locally on the phone.

    The music will play just fine if I start it from my phone, and the display in my car will show the Music app's icon. When I open the Music app from Android Auto in the car, it just shows "Getting your selection" and I can't select music or use the play and skip controls. I can only control the music selection from the phone itself.

    After I got to work this morning and shut off the car, I opened the Android Auto app on my phone. I can control the Music app from within Android Auto on the phone itself with no problem. Can anyone offer any pointers on how to get the car to control the Music app within Android Auto?
    08-28-2019 10:43 AM
  2. poit57's Avatar
    Since my original post, I've been able to get the music from Sony's "Music" app to play in Android Auto, but inconsistently. There have been multiple instances where I've been playing music from this app or from Spotify, and it will randomly switch the music player to Amazon Music. If that happens, I can re-open Spotify and play it immediately, but the Sony Music app will revert to showing "Getting your selection" as if Android Auto can't communicate with the Music app.

    Just opening Android Auto when it is not connected to my car is also inconsistent when it comes to loading my music from the Music app. Sometimes it pulls up my music collection immediately while other times it just shows "Getting your selection" and won't let me browse any music.
    08-30-2019 03:52 PM

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