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    I just changed my mobile nations PP password yesterday. Today I had a few occasions to click on links that would open the AC app, and didn't immediately notice that I was not properly logged on. Shortly after, I received an email from AC Forums notifying me that somebody tried and failed 5+ times to log in to my account on the AC forums. The IP provided in the email was indeed the IP my smartphone was currently using. I opened the AC app again, and sure enough, I was not automatically logged in. So I logged in manually with the new password.

    I never saw a "Username/Password failed to login" pop-up. Which probably would have notified me the first time. Granted, going forward I will probably default to the Google+ login option so it's not an issue anymore. But I could see such a notification being beneficial for other users.
    02-14-2016 03:46 PM

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