08-05-2011 06:02 PM
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  1. Brent372's Avatar
    Here is my HTC Imagio.
    Hey... you really should pick me. I won't even have to change carriers, and with a phone looking like this, you know I am not just going to turn around and sell it.

    07-28-2011 08:22 PM
  2. harper1817's Avatar
    Skydiving is one thing android failed to deliver on.
    07-28-2011 08:31 PM
  3. jjcool88's Avatar
    BENQ-Siemens! Even comes attached with an Arabic keypad!! Can't get anymore rare than this. Many fond memories, first it was # key that broke off. Imagine the fun times I have going through automated calls without the use of the "#" sign. Then... RIP my sweet BenQ.
    07-28-2011 08:40 PM
  4. hannsoft's Avatar
    I am 6'1" and 240lbs relegated to using my wife's old pink Blackberry Pearl because my daughter used my Blackberry Tour as a bath toy. Not only do I need a new phone, I am ready to make the switch to a DROID!
    Psst, my brother in arms, Droids can't swim either. ;-)
    07-28-2011 08:45 PM
  5. saraminda's Avatar
    This lil guy might look like it works..but nope...dead as a doornail...I need an update baby!!
    07-28-2011 08:59 PM
  6. K_Daddy's Avatar
    I upgraded to a ThunderBolt and gave my old BlackBerry Storm 2 to my daughter its the last BlackBerry in my Verizon Plan. Please help me get rid of it.
    07-28-2011 09:04 PM
  7. straycatec's Avatar

    My story is not as dramatic as some here. My phone damage is 100% due to my stupidity. I often text as i am walking into the bathroom and put my phone in my pocket as i am walking up to the stall. Not once, not twice, but three times now i have missed my pocket entirely and thrown my d2 DIRECTLY (i believe the baskeball term is swish) into the toilet, which then causes me to flush a few times and then throw it into the sink and run water on it for a few minutes. Luckily for me (or unluckily maybe), the phone spits the battery as it hits the water and eeach time i have placed the phone in rice after its journey. It came back twice, the third time was too much. As gross as this all is (my girlfriend refuses to touch my phone), the worst part is that i am now relegated to a blackberry (horror!) Which makes my 30 a month data plan and battery charger nearly useless! Please, don't let my battery charger go unused!
    07-28-2011 09:14 PM
  8. aaronbwells's Avatar
    Everyday more and more of the glass chips off and I can't even pull the notification bar down anymore. The light censors are exposed and the screen is buggy. I'm not even able to upgrade until January.
    07-28-2011 09:15 PM
  9. ttyrell's Avatar
    Yes it's a Blackberry. HELP!!
    07-28-2011 09:30 PM
  10. cdunn05#AC's Avatar
    My Moto RAZRs. GOOD STUFF!!!!
    07-28-2011 09:40 PM
  11. Asitha's Avatar
    Attachment 12616

    Good old Sony Ericsson. I've used this phone since 2007 and it has served me well!
    07-28-2011 09:45 PM
  12. ambushbug73's Avatar
    My Blackberry got squished!
    07-28-2011 09:48 PM
  13. smileboot's Avatar
    I'm just counting the days until this bad boy gets rooted and CM7 gets ported for it.
    /me crosses his fingers
    Attachment 12618

    Still functions but sadly the battery is just about to explode (battery is swollen like crazy).
    07-28-2011 10:04 PM
  14. treefrog20012003's Avatar
    My OG Droid, screen digitizer has a dead spot and when it is put on the charger it begins boot looping.
    07-28-2011 10:08 PM
  15. nofunny's Avatar
    Hey!!!, smileboot, i was just about to post my ngage too... mine wasn't lucky enough to survive till present, but i loved this phone so much.... even tough it doesn't work i can't just dump it into the trash. My very first smartphone.

    07-28-2011 10:10 PM
  16. ikeveei's Avatar
    Could use some love.

    My old Motorola Cliq back when I was on Tmobile. The keyboard doesn't stay in place after I got the screen replaced, which stopped working 1 month after. Plus... old school motoblur...
    07-28-2011 10:17 PM
  17. monsterenergy22's Avatar
    My LG Voyager has seen its better days...
    07-28-2011 10:20 PM
  18. joshontech's Avatar
    Touch screen digitizer went after a long run...
    07-28-2011 10:30 PM
  19. lmrojas's Avatar
    Lg Voyager. Ive had it for almost 3 years. PLEASE HELP. Im in college and can bearly pay for books lol. I had a choice between waiting for the Bionic or buying a laptop for school. I think you know the choice I was FORCED to make. My girlfriend has a Droid X and everything Ive learned about Android has been from her phone. Ive ignored her countless hours because i (manually) rooted her phone, and Im always flashing new ROMs on her phone. Yes that Voyager is broken, for almost a year now. And on top of that the charger slot is loose so it doesnt charge that well. HELP ME!
    07-28-2011 10:31 PM
  20. dajobo's Avatar

    The screen on this babe has become unresponsive. It's been a very good phone, and has survived the wrath of my wife's purse. However, it's been a rough phone to use the last few weeks. Not due for an upgrade yet either!
    07-28-2011 10:32 PM
  21. xMF's Avatar
    Samsung Rogue in all its splendor...
    07-28-2011 10:32 PM
  22. ianeberle97's Avatar
    Look at this crap! Not only is it an iPhone, but it's unusable!

    Attachment 12634
    07-28-2011 10:37 PM
  23. BabyPinkPan's Avatar
    OMG I am sooo excited you guys r doing this giveaway for my DREAM PHONE screamssss. Ok so a little background this Nokia has survived it all water damage a damaged screen and no backing but its still my little engine that could however l'm not against begging do us all a favor and lets put her to rest lol crossing my fingers
    07-28-2011 10:38 PM
  24. GilmourD's Avatar

    How's this work for ya? This doesn't include my Q9c and my OG Droid, though.

    The T720 has the well-known issue where the ribbon cable came loose and the screen went white.
    07-28-2011 10:50 PM
  25. Incrediboy's Avatar
    I would do a back flip if I won!

    Sent from Tapatalk
    07-28-2011 10:50 PM
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