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    We're sitting up all night deciding who's gonna win. Who's your favorite?


    My name is Kim and these are my shots with Lloyd. I hope you like them.



    Slick Rick

    At the Hollywood Tower.

    Android Central is in my Google reader, and I read it every day.. even though I don't have an android phone right now. I don't know how I missed the first announcement about this contest, but I'm here, now (thanks for the reminder!). Wait, WHAT YOU SAY?! That's right, I don't have an Android right now. I'm using a borrowed Palm Pre on Verizon because I accidentally punched my Droid Incredible to death a few weeks ago! It took a single direct blow as I punched my own leg in reaction to painfully biting down on my lip while I was eating a delicious wood fired pizza. It's so dead it won't turn on, and my computer won't even recognize it as a USB device. Anyway, this Palm is killing me! (I guess that's what I get for making fun of my coworker for having a girly Pre..) Except that I like having a physical keyboard (just needs to be bigger!) -- which makes the Merge perfect for me! But, all that aside, I've got to get back on an Android Phone! HELP!
    I decided to take Lloyd to Red Rocks Amphitheater here in Morrison near Denver, CO. Have you ever been there? It is THE BEST venue for concerts (my personal favorite was seeing Radiohead back in 2001). Here are my pics.. starting with proof of my dead Dinc and dread Pre, and ending with a wide angle shot toward the stage. Enjoy!


    I took Lloyd back to his birthplace!

    Me, Lloyd, and a hops plant.


    Complete with my wall of obsolete/dead hardware at work.

    Lloyd came to a high school football practice with me. Coach thinks he has a great arm.

    Ed. note: Marco sent in a slew of pics from SoFla. We've helped him narrow things down a bit. And happy birthday, dude.


    We had a good time taking Lloyd with us to Niagara Falls, Toronto, then back to DC. I like to think he enjoyed it also, but his expression never betrayed his feelings; we took the thumbs-up as approval.
    You may notice that the DC Lloyd is a different version (one without an arm, no less!). Our apologies to Lloyd's creators - our original Lloyd apparently liked Niagara so much, he stayed in the area. As we were running out of free time, we hastily printed out another Lloyd at a Fedex Office (Kinko's); they really don't know what they're doing.
    One location you might not notice is Casa Loma - you may not know it by name, but it's been in loads of films - including Xmen.
    Another that we couldn't resist was the restaurant shaped (and themed) like a UFO. I thought there was a certain connection to Lloyd there.
    Our best,
    Steve, Katrina, and Grant Arrington

    Ed. note: We pared down Steve's batch some, too. But great shots, family!
    Michael and Olivia

    Here is my Daughter, Olivia, she is in desperate need of a new cell phone, The Merge would go to her to replace her old beat-up hand-me-down that she uses. We took Lloyd to the most famous landing site of aliens ever. She and Lloyd are next to the plaque in Grovers Mills, NJ where the aliens landed during the radio broadcast of the War of the Worlds in 1938, the plaque is in a park commemorating the spot of the landing.

    Nothing like a trip to Devil's Tower, WY.

    Here's Lloyd and me at MIT's dome. I was going to climb up and put him on the dome itself, but it was too hot. And yes, I'm listening to the AC Podcast while I was taking pics.

    Lloyd and me enjoying a rainy day on the good ol' family farm! P.S. That Lloyd printout is now a permanent part of a wall in my room :P

    In order of appearance: Lloyd in Glamis desert. Lloyd at the Belagio fountain in Las Vegas. Lloyd at the Hoover Dam. Lloyd at the Grand Canyon.


    Me, doing my best Lloyd impression (horrible, I know) and Lloyd standing on top of Mount Washington in New Hampshire, home of the world's worst weather, with a recorded wind speed of 231 mph. I was up there for a bicycle race to the top of it. They only allow bikes on it 2 days a year, and this was one of them. While you might not think much of the race, the road leading up to the top is 7.6 miles with an avg grade of 12 percent with the last pitch at 22 percent. It is termed the "World's Toughest Hill Climb" by many pros, including the big names that do the Tour de France.

    Back to school fun with Lloyd!!! Thank you!


    Lloyd at the Greenbrier.

    At a little tech shop in Cupertino. Taken with a rooted Droid X and hoping for a Merge!

    My boyfriend and I are currently motorcycling around SouthEast Asia. We are eight months into our trip and have another year or two to go. We are Verizon Customers but currently do not have GSM Android phones to use, meaning we have to carry two phones everywhere and are buying new SIM cards in every country. Winning this phone would be the bees knees!
    We follow your blog via RSS Feed and were in Cambodia when you announced the contest. Not sure if you know much about Cambodia, but there really aren't tourist sights other than Khymer Rouge-related things.
    Roger and Ashley

    Here are my entry pictures for the Merge Contest!!! Lloyd loves to ride quads, and he also loves our cat Mr. Priss. (Yes, it's a male cat that we thought was a female, lol.)


    Lloyd and me at the Winston Open ATP Tennis Tournament in Winston Salem, N.C. Mom recently got a Droid X2, but Pops is stuck with an old LG feature phone until the middle of 2012. The man so desperately wants to play "Word Feud."

    My wife caught this shot while i was zip-lining in Costa Rica - with my traveling android.

    I want this phone soooo bad. Pick me and I will give you a high five.
    09-05-2011 09:36 PM
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    Back to school fun! Hannah's second picture is really the best, her face makes the picture. Angry birds picture is also hilarious. Good Pictures
    09-06-2011 06:07 AM