09-12-2011 11:00 PM
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  1. tlds's Avatar
    Please!!!!!! I never won anything from android central, this would be a great first!

    PS First
    I got hosed on the TouchPad deal, thanks Barnes and Noble! I would much rather have the Iconia tab but you can't pass a a $100 deal. I am in great need of a nice tab to so some big man chair web surf, email and facebooking. Thanks for the chance to win!!
    09-12-2011 08:43 PM
  2. bryanc28's Avatar
    Would love to win. Thanks for the chance.
    09-12-2011 08:43 PM
  3. indypharmd's Avatar
    groovy baby! luscious!
    09-12-2011 08:43 PM
  4. jtrainmar's Avatar
    I'd love to have me one of these!
    09-12-2011 08:43 PM
  5. trsteve1's Avatar
    ooo... I would kill for a tablet.. ok, not kill.. actually all I would really do is shell out the $$ (if I had it) or post here, so.. here I am.. posting for a contest (hope I win!)
    09-12-2011 08:44 PM
  6. slickrikc21's Avatar
    Omg i was just checking this tablet out last night!!!! Its amazing i drooled over it anything with nvidia is kick ***!!!
    09-12-2011 08:44 PM
  7. Ardneh's Avatar
    Androidcentral ftw!
    09-12-2011 08:44 PM
  8. oddlou's Avatar
    09-12-2011 08:45 PM
  9. Keekeegottadroid's Avatar
    Pick Me!!!!!!!!!! I would love to win it
    09-12-2011 08:45 PM
  10. smith1386's Avatar
    Winning this would be amazing!
    09-12-2011 08:45 PM
  11. scoot05redss's Avatar
    Awesome contest AC! Count me in!
    09-12-2011 08:46 PM
  12. brian450r's Avatar
    This'll make a NICE replacement for my crappy iPad
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  13. impulse89's Avatar

    Honeycomb, Tegra 2, and 7 inches.

    The A100 is the first 7" Honeycomb tablet, and one a whole lot of people were waiting to see. It's also the prize for day one of the Tegra Madness giveaways, and can be yours.

    Drop a message in this post. Tomorrow at midnight Eastern time, we'll close it and pick a winner at random.

    Only enter once, and be sure you have a valid email on file here at Android Central -- that's how I'll be getting in touch with you next Sunday when we announce all the winners.

    Good luck everybody!
    The A100 would be awesome to win! It seems like just the right size to play games comfortably.
    10.1 seems a little big.
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  14. codeallstar's Avatar
    Love to have one! Thanks AC
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  15. Dueltothedeath's Avatar
    Hello.. I win
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  16. mmehmet's Avatar
    Count me in!
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  17. anon83711's Avatar
    I'll take it if nobody else wants it
    09-12-2011 08:47 PM
  18. yaneznayu's Avatar
    Sure! I'd love a tablet! Please give.
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  19. gmplr831@comcast.net's Avatar
    Id love one. Ive always wanted a tablet of my own, having to use my wifes makes me so jealous...please android central hook me up
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  20. gatorsfan151's Avatar
    Sure im in what do i got to lose
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  21. agunjal's Avatar
    I would love to give up my iPad 2 for a Android Tablet
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  22. lsnipes's Avatar
    Sure would be a nice present for me....er....my wife.
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  23. oomatter's Avatar
    I could really use a tablet for school. It would save so many trees...
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  24. bdGDL08's Avatar
    I would love this. Maybe it's not a necessity, but it's sure something to have. Good luck to everyone entered in this contest!
    09-12-2011 08:48 PM
  25. roblee37's Avatar
    I would love a tablet. I could use one for school and excited to use one. Choose me, choose me........
    09-12-2011 08:49 PM
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