09-17-2011 11:11 PM
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  1. abtxpress's Avatar
    That's the stuff I'm talking about, AC just loves to give awesome prizes away.

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    09-17-2011 12:00 AM
  2. cclark1894's Avatar

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    09-17-2011 12:00 AM
  3. dwoo83's Avatar
    I would love this!
    09-17-2011 12:01 AM
  4. cowsmakejuice's Avatar
    OMG I would be soooooooo happy if I won this!! This would be perfect for school and would allow me to not have to lug around my heavy laptop! Plus this tab is just AWESOME! Please pick me!
    09-17-2011 12:01 AM
  5. OptimusNotPrime's Avatar
    I would love to win!
    09-17-2011 12:01 AM
  6. ccano8's Avatar
    Please pick me AC! I want this tablet!
    09-17-2011 12:02 AM
  7. pstinger's Avatar

    I will have your babies!

    To end the week of Tegra Madness with a bang, we're giving away a grand prize package consisting of a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, a Jambox Bluetooth speaker, a Samsung Galaxy Tab keyboard dock, a Samsung Galaxy Tab desktop dock, and a $25 AmEx gift card!

    Here's how you can win:

    Drop a message in this post. Tomorrow at midnight Eastern time, we'll close it and pick a winner at random.

    Only enter once, and be sure you have a valid email on file here at Android Central -- that's how I'll be getting in touch with you next Sunday when we announce all the winners.

    Good luck everybody!
    09-17-2011 12:02 AM
  8. cjkk614's Avatar
    honeycomb yum yum!
    09-17-2011 12:02 AM
  9. peted20's Avatar
    Awesome I'd love this
    09-17-2011 12:02 AM
  10. sundevil96o's Avatar
    Dude!! This is a heck of a giveaway!! Count me in!
    09-17-2011 12:03 AM
  11. jangutter's Avatar
    Thanks for hosting the competition!
    09-17-2011 12:03 AM
  12. SporkLover's Avatar
    In for a chance!

    Samsung's line of products are far superior to Apple's!
    09-17-2011 12:04 AM
  13. synical_99's Avatar
    JACKPOT BABY! I definitely gotta win this package! Way to go androidcentral for splurging your fans with wonderful gifts. Christmas is comjng early this year.
    09-17-2011 12:04 AM
  14. SwingOp3's Avatar
    Honeycomb was my favorite cereal when I was a kid!
    09-17-2011 12:04 AM
  15. hotzb22's Avatar
    o please pick me
    09-17-2011 12:04 AM
  16. aebobby912's Avatar
    Me want TAB!...........please.
    09-17-2011 12:04 AM
  17. Andrew Martonik's Avatar
    Lets do this!! Hope I win.
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  18. danferan's Avatar
    Me please! This week has been too good!
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  19. brian2177b's Avatar
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  20. snapdragon0503's Avatar
    Man if I won all of that I would try to fly out a window. Actually no I wouldn't, sorry for getting you all excited...
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  21. parkjam's Avatar
    Does the madness never stop?! You guys are rocking the giveaways!
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  22. ilovepemmican's Avatar
    This looks so freakin' amazing.
    09-17-2011 12:05 AM
  23. dco50321's Avatar
    Sweetest prize ever! Winning!
    09-17-2011 12:06 AM
  24. danjohnsonis's Avatar
    I'm a 28y/o father of 5 and this would be perfect for my return to college.
    09-17-2011 12:07 AM
  25. gordol's Avatar
    Yes, please! I really want a tablet but cannot afford to buy one.
    09-17-2011 12:07 AM
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