09-17-2011 11:11 PM
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  1. pofferman's Avatar
    Please put my name in the hat! Thank you!
    09-17-2011 09:43 AM
  2. kidroboto's Avatar
    This would be awesome to win! Good luck to everyone!
    09-17-2011 09:43 AM
  3. AngryClayton's Avatar
    Winner winner!
    09-17-2011 09:43 AM
  4. d.moss's Avatar
    may I have it?
    09-17-2011 09:44 AM
  5. Kekoh's Avatar
    I think if I won this I would flip out. I used a Galaxy tab for the first time the other day and I was blown away. I would absolutely love to have this for home and work. This is one hell of a contest AC!
    09-17-2011 09:44 AM
  6. themusicmonkey's Avatar
    I changed my mind. Forget the Transformer, because this would suit me just fine too!

    Sent from my Incredible using Tapatalk
    09-17-2011 09:45 AM
  7. SeanBest's Avatar
    Oh I really need this.
    09-17-2011 09:45 AM
  8. blacknight71's Avatar
    I would love to put those iPad lovers at work to shame with one of these!
    09-17-2011 09:46 AM
  9. tyrran's Avatar
    Well, this is certainly the pack to win! I'm hoping for anything this week, but this one takes the cake! Good luck to all, especially me!
    09-17-2011 09:46 AM
  10. radiosmith01's Avatar
    09-17-2011 09:46 AM
  11. pyro530's Avatar
    i want!!
    09-17-2011 09:47 AM
  12. Sdude1200's Avatar
    I would absolutely love to win this.

    Sent from my CM7ed LG Optimus S
    09-17-2011 09:47 AM
  13. dgwilliams's Avatar
    Woot! What a great collection of Android goodness. Please count me in for this contest. Thanks.
    09-17-2011 09:47 AM
  14. brian2177b's Avatar
    09-17-2011 09:49 AM
  15. PeninaD's Avatar
    Danke....pick me, pick me!
    09-17-2011 09:49 AM
  16. Edwill86's Avatar
    Mines not doing so hot...I could use a replacement please :/
    09-17-2011 09:49 AM
  17. gary keels's Avatar
    Daddy needs a new tablet
    09-17-2011 09:50 AM
  18. Modspyder's Avatar
    I want to win this one! An amazing piece of machinery with awesome perihperals. This is definitely the grand prize.
    09-17-2011 09:51 AM
  19. mightyfacundo's Avatar
    I'm in. Thanks AC!
    09-17-2011 09:51 AM
  20. maverick262#AC's Avatar
    Here lies contest number 1005 of which I want to win, but alas definitely will not win.
    09-17-2011 09:52 AM
  21. hellrod87's Avatar
    Wow...talk about a grand prize. Fingers crossed I win!
    09-17-2011 09:54 AM
  22. FortressMinimus's Avatar
    Yes! Yes! Yes! ohpleaseohpleaseohplease...
    09-17-2011 09:54 AM
  23. dklimah's Avatar
    I'd love to win. It would definitely help me be more industrious and extra productive.
    09-17-2011 09:55 AM
  24. mac314stl's Avatar
    Cmon ive been on android before it was cool bout g1 on the first day I'm an og lol
    09-17-2011 09:55 AM
  25. L00n's Avatar
    09-17-2011 09:56 AM
5,357 ... 5253545556 ...