09-17-2011 11:11 PM
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  1. swear0730's Avatar
    This would be the perfect companion to my Epic. Hope I win it, I'd really like an Android tablet.
    09-17-2011 10:47 AM
  2. Melligirl's Avatar
    I want one
    09-17-2011 10:47 AM
  3. c8169#AC's Avatar
    that would be awesome
    09-17-2011 10:50 AM
  4. cabcam27's Avatar
    I've always wanted a tablet!
    09-17-2011 10:51 AM
  5. cptmcnair's Avatar
    Does ten millipedes equal one centipede?
    09-17-2011 10:51 AM
  6. rswain64's Avatar
    This would be incredible to win!
    09-17-2011 10:51 AM
  7. mrbill187's Avatar
    the mother load prize... taking bathroom reading to extraordinary new heights. Ill take two!
    09-17-2011 10:52 AM
  8. ibejack96's Avatar
    count me in would love to win my first contest from AC and this would be awesome for school
    09-17-2011 10:52 AM
  9. kylosma's Avatar
    The pinnacle of all tablets. Count me in, I want this bad boy so bad. I'd do anything for one.
    09-17-2011 10:53 AM
  10. jessesmith8888's Avatar
    i was looking at one at target yesterday and i almost picked it up. I was going to go and get it today but i guess ill just wait. (just in case i win)
    09-17-2011 10:54 AM
  11. ChillFactorz's Avatar
    This is the Mother Load! Just Win Baby! There will be some cheering out loud when this thing is won. Thank You!
    09-17-2011 10:54 AM
  12. cryptkeeper12's Avatar
    And the prize I've been waiting for

    I'm gonna have to use my pick up lines on the AC admins.

    Mind if I call you a genie? Because all my dreams just came true.

    How about:

    Is your name google? cause you got everything I'm looking for
    09-17-2011 10:54 AM
  13. chodeyg's Avatar
    Oh man...if I win this I have a cooler tablet than my Mac friends...come on android central with the magic
    09-17-2011 10:54 AM
  14. r3anim4t3d's Avatar
    Need this bad!
    09-17-2011 10:54 AM
  15. LR7's Avatar
    The Grand...No, the MacDaddy of all prizes. Blow on these dice Love and give Papa some good luck!!
    09-17-2011 10:55 AM
  16. lnx1138's Avatar
    Wow! If only I could get this one!
    09-17-2011 10:55 AM
  17. rockyrocks's Avatar
    Nice contest. Hope i win this
    09-17-2011 10:56 AM
  18. koufax78's Avatar
    Yes please. That's the one I want. Hope to hear from you guys tomorrow.
    09-17-2011 10:58 AM
  19. Bootstrap4584's Avatar
    This would be great for my upcoming deployment. I pray to the tablet gods!!
    09-17-2011 10:58 AM
  20. VDub2174's Avatar
    Would absolutely LOVE to win this!!!!!
    09-17-2011 10:58 AM
  21. elf310's Avatar
    Me Please
    09-17-2011 10:59 AM
  22. rcorry's Avatar
    This is the one everybody wants, including me!
    09-17-2011 10:59 AM
  23. Neofite's Avatar
    This would be awesome!!! I want!!
    09-17-2011 10:59 AM
  24. dgrass90's Avatar
    Someone come check on me if I get an email saying I won this package. I may just faint on the spot!
    09-17-2011 11:01 AM
  25. binkly99's Avatar
    Sign me up!
    09-17-2011 11:02 AM
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