12-03-2011 12:45 AM
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  1. j510's Avatar
    its thin and the super amoled display
    12-01-2011 04:33 PM
  2. moinsheriff's Avatar
    he likes the thinness of the device and ability to move icons in app drawer .. im looking forward to this phone because of the super amoled plus screen and android
    12-01-2011 04:36 PM
  3. mytra80's Avatar
    The Super AMOLED display. It's super responsive and It black are really dark, color vibrant.
    this is nothing new for Samsung though.
    12-01-2011 04:38 PM
  4. greenmonster's Avatar
    Like everyone else, I'm jealous of the the Super AMOLED Plus screen.
    12-01-2011 04:39 PM
  5. Longhorn22's Avatar
    Phil loved the superamoled screen and thats what im looking foward to. Cant wait to win!!! (THATS CONFIDENCE)
    12-01-2011 04:57 PM
  6. icebike's Avatar
    No clue what I'd do with this phone, but ITS THIN, and The screen is cool, so I'm in.
    12-01-2011 05:00 PM
  7. bcornell's Avatar
    Phil seems to really like the screen, the camera and the thinness of the Infuse. I would really like a phone with a bigger screen and this would seem to be a nice upgrade from my captivate.
    12-01-2011 05:01 PM
  8. alucky0's Avatar
    I remember he was impressed at how the phone was so thin for it's size.
    EDIT: I would love to give this the run for it's specs and can't wait to own a phone with Super AMOLED
    12-01-2011 05:03 PM
  9. rsaint67's Avatar
    Phil liked the size and thinness of the Infuse. I'm mostly looking forward to the 4.5" screen. After all, my Captivate is looking pretty small these days...
    12-01-2011 05:15 PM
  10. zak's Avatar
    Phil loves the camera, and the battery life doesn't look to bad either
    12-01-2011 05:16 PM
  11. zacstone's Avatar
    I love everything about Samsung!
    12-01-2011 05:28 PM
  12. tigercs's Avatar
    Phil liked the camera as well as the option to have your apps in grid format. One Infuse please.
    12-01-2011 05:38 PM
  13. heikkib's Avatar
    I want it
    toneofark likes this.
    12-01-2011 05:43 PM
  14. brytonic's Avatar
    He loves that side loading is there.... to quote..

    "Oh, happy day"

    12-01-2011 05:43 PM
  15. amojeba's Avatar
    Phil likes the battery life, and side loading! I'm stoked for this phone, and would love the chance to finally upgrade from my Droid X. Was thinking of switching to AT&T anyway, so this is perfect timing! =)

    Thanks AC, for all you do for us!
    12-01-2011 05:49 PM
  16. Poodlemama39's Avatar
    Phil Loves the camera and the battery life
    12-01-2011 05:51 PM
  17. Tronmech's Avatar
    "Over the moon" about the camera. 'Nuf said.

    Sent from my T-Mobile G2 using Tapatalk
    12-01-2011 05:53 PM
  18. meany105's Avatar
    That big gigantic gorgeous... Screen...
    12-01-2011 05:54 PM
  19. jumboadam's Avatar
    Phil loves the camera!! looking forward to the sideloading!!
    12-01-2011 05:58 PM
  20. jsb7773's Avatar
    Bill liked the beautiful SuperAMOLED Plus display and camera.
    12-01-2011 06:13 PM
  21. JSB544's Avatar
    Phil loved the camera. I think I'm most excited about the screen size. Coming from a Blackberry, I've been in love with the massive sizes of these touch screen phones.
    12-01-2011 06:15 PM
  22. Jedi_Pilot's Avatar
    Phil loved the camera and the battery life. I wouldn't mind having more battery life myself, although the amount of on-board memory is also impressive
    12-01-2011 06:27 PM
  23. dmbrown81's Avatar
    I'll be honest, this has to be the sleeper phone of the year on att's lineup. Mainly because of the gorgeous screen and camera. I can care less about touchwiz or any other manufacturers skin like blur because a simple download of go launcher or launcher pro takes care of that. I really feel like if I were to upgrade to this phone because it's free all over the country on two year agreements It wouldn't feel outdated because the specs I care about far surpass all the others.
    12-01-2011 06:28 PM
  24. Thunderclaww's Avatar
    The screen is definitely what I'm looking forward too. My current phone "only" has a 4" screen, so comparatively, it's small.
    12-01-2011 06:30 PM
  25. jeffnucci's Avatar
    Phil loved the camera and the battery life given how big the phone is. Would love to have a bigger smartphone and this would be perfect.
    12-01-2011 06:30 PM
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