12-12-2011 12:43 AM
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  1. Hunts99's Avatar
    Would be great thing to win...would make my holiday season!
    12-10-2011 07:48 AM
  2. RiverDog's Avatar
    I would give it to my daughter to make it easier for her to read to my grandson from her iPad. He's only 10 months old but he's strong and can grab whatever you are holding before you realize it!
    12-10-2011 08:16 AM
  3. psipher's Avatar
    I'm still debating buying a tablet for myself...if not I would give it away to one of my tablet-owning friends.
    12-10-2011 08:44 AM
  4. dec3ption's Avatar
    This would be a perfect gift for my mom! She says her tab is just a little too heavy to hold for long periods, but never wants to put it down!
    12-10-2011 09:54 AM
  5. NotJustAPhone's Avatar
    Having the screen at an angle certainly helps with viewing the screen of my Kindle Fire. Hope I get lucky! :-)

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    12-10-2011 09:59 AM
  6. sfbates's Avatar
    I would use it for my xoom. One of the best tablet out there still, but she is a little heavy.
    12-10-2011 10:02 AM
  7. catlady5353's Avatar
    To be Newbie Nook tablet, or not to be Newbie Nook Tablet? That is the question. Answer: As for me...BOTH!
    12-10-2011 10:14 AM
  8. NxTech3's Avatar
    i want to give one as a gift, my fifty year old father was given a tab for early xmas, he is an over the road trucker so all he does is read, and he uses the tablet as his new e-reader and this would make it easier for him to read on the road. Money is kind of tight this season due to an ongoing custody battle (seems FL is more apt to give custody to the mom even if she is a drug addict and hasnt called or talked to her daughter in six months...) so any freebies would be awesome right now!!!
    12-10-2011 12:31 PM
  9. shift2112's Avatar
    Would love to get this for my wife for Christmas. It would make her Galaxy 10.1 Christmas gift rock!
    12-10-2011 01:41 PM
  10. MrHost's Avatar
    I have a Xoom and would like for her to lay quietly as I press her screen to the point of touch perfection.
    12-10-2011 05:07 PM
  11. anon(3653)'s Avatar
    I would use it for my Xoom to watch some hockey.

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    12-10-2011 08:00 PM
  12. strivingrune's Avatar
    I would use it while doing my daily job of fighting super villains that kidnap carebears.
    12-10-2011 08:15 PM
  13. DarkWizard's Avatar
    Is will be good after a long day of work. Setting on the couch turning my tab on reading my news ssr and watching a youtube video here and there.
    12-10-2011 08:49 PM
  14. appmy's Avatar
    Looks cool. I think I'll gift it to a new Fire owner if I just don't keep it for myself.

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    12-10-2011 08:52 PM
  15. Dirty1's Avatar
    C'Mon Man
    12-10-2011 09:22 PM
  16. ShadowCatcher's Avatar
    This would be a great Christmas gift for the GF for use with the tablet I bought her awhile back... Or maybe I'd just keep it for my Transformer...
    12-11-2011 04:49 PM
  17. sixdust's Avatar
    My daughter would love this for her Galaxy.
    12-11-2011 04:58 PM
  18. runtohell121's Avatar
    This would be so useful for my 11" laptop or the tablet Being able to set it down would be so nice.
    12-11-2011 06:20 PM
  19. kinnelonfire75's Avatar
    I would love to give this as a Christmas gift to compliment my mom's Xoom tablet.
    12-12-2011 12:43 AM
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