12-26-2011 11:20 AM
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  1. kmr's Avatar
    I'd call my mom. Pick me
    12-21-2011 09:28 PM
  2. jewelk0221's Avatar
    I would call my Uncle and Cousins in Bad Hersfeld, Germany. My Mother would also be excited if we won because, we don't talk to them as much as she would like. Thanks!!
    12-21-2011 09:28 PM
  3. mahootzki's Avatar
    I would actually call my wife.. Would love to win!!
    12-21-2011 09:28 PM
  4. Broheemster's Avatar
    I'd call my cousin who has polio, has a flat tire in his geo metro, is very sensitive to light and has a weakness for fluffy puppies
    12-21-2011 09:29 PM
  5. jprins68's Avatar
    I would call my Grandparents across the country since I did not get to see them at Thanksgiving.
    12-21-2011 09:29 PM
  6. idafan2010#AC's Avatar
    Awesome Giveaway!!! My cousin moved to Canada, and I'd love to be able to use my brand new Galaxy Nexus and free credits to talk to him. Especially around the Holidays!!!
    12-21-2011 09:30 PM
  7. spencer0279's Avatar
    Who wants to win a new phone for Christmas? Rebtel is sponsoring another giveaway to celebrate the release of Rebtel 2.0 for Android. This time the grand prize is a Verizon Galaxy Nexus plus $100 in calling credits, and 9 runners up will receive $50 in calling credits!

    The new Android app facilitates an immediate and seamless transition to Rebtel's high-quality VoIP service when a caller punches in an international number, making the call free when connected to another Rebtel user. Unlike similar applications, Rebtel 2.0 for Android will also intercept international calls to non-Rebtel users, providing the caller with service that is up to 90% cheaper than the international calling rates charged by an average carrier, and up to 85% cheaper than Skype.

    To get yourself entered in this contest, leave a comment below and tell us who you would call with your new Galaxy Nexus and Rebtel credits if you are chosen as the winner. Only enter once, as multiple entries won't count. Please be aware that Rebtel is providing the phone and calling credits, it's up to you to get service. We'll choose winners Sunday night and notify them by email. Good luck!
    If i were to win i would use the phone to call my sister in Missouri, and some of my friends in las vegas who i havent seen since graduation. I would call my dad in south florida and i would be able to to communicate with my cousin where ever she may be stationed once she joins the military due to the increased radio ability since my phone gets horrid signal in the area of florida i live
    12-21-2011 09:31 PM
  8. LordGeek's Avatar
    Call my son Christopher .. he was in the US Army .. finally came home to the US .. married an Australian girl and moved there in 2010 .. talking to him would be excellent .. I miss my son.
    12-21-2011 09:32 PM
  9. jp719's Avatar
    I would my grandmother in Paris. Please please pick me, I was gonna buy it but its too expensive.
    12-21-2011 09:32 PM
  10. DrTinyCat's Avatar
    I would call my friend Mischa Lentz in Berlin, who was an exchange student at my high-school, and whom I've not seen in over ten years. We still keep in touch over Facebook, but it'd be really awesome to call him from my new Galaxy Nexus!

    Sent from my Touchpad using Tapatalk
    12-21-2011 09:34 PM
  11. ecaggiani's Avatar
    I would call my best friend Doug in Canada who is undergoing brain surgery in February. He's clinically depressed and has gone through every drug treatment, therapy, and even electroshock therapy and nothing has worked. This surgery is a last ditch effort to become normal for him.

    Besides that, I would also call family in South America (Uruguay) :-)
    12-21-2011 09:34 PM
  12. Smitty153's Avatar
    I would call Steve Jobs
    12-21-2011 09:35 PM
  13. jscuzzy's Avatar
    I could always use a new Nexus!!!!
    12-21-2011 09:35 PM
  14. CMoore's Avatar
    Please pick me! I would use it to talk to my wife, family and friends!
    12-21-2011 09:36 PM
  15. sapiens's Avatar
    With that beautiful phone I would call my family to wish them the best in the new year.
    12-21-2011 09:36 PM
  16. anationofsadists's Avatar
    I would use it call family down in Mexico as well as across the country.
    12-21-2011 09:36 PM
  17. camilozano98's Avatar
    With that phone I would call my iPhony friends and rub my GNex in their face
    12-21-2011 09:37 PM
  18. jkfsr's Avatar
    I'd be able to call my son when he is deployed!
    12-21-2011 09:38 PM
  19. goose2212's Avatar
    I would call my family since I don't live close to them and it's rare that I get to see them in person. Also, I received an iPhone for my birthday instead of an Android phone....please help me get on the Android wagon!
    12-21-2011 09:38 PM
  20. luis7480's Avatar
    Call my grandparents that I havent seen since I was 11 years old. 10 years ago!
    12-21-2011 09:39 PM
  21. sweetinabug's Avatar
    I would love a new Galaxy Nexus to call my mom and brother in West Africa. My sister will also be moving there soon as well so will need lots of free Rebtel credits to keep bonding with my family!
    12-21-2011 09:39 PM
  22. orbitman0's Avatar
    I would call my iPhone friends and rub it in their faces :-)
    12-21-2011 09:39 PM
  23. underwarez's Avatar
    What's the point of posting, I won't win.
    12-21-2011 09:40 PM
  24. sholling's Avatar
    I'd call my girlfriend more.
    12-21-2011 09:41 PM
  25. Jrid32's Avatar
    I would call my college roommate who is a missionary.
    12-21-2011 09:41 PM
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