01-25-2012 05:48 PM
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  1. mr_goodwrench's Avatar
    I would love one... Blue or brown if possible...
    01-24-2012 09:57 PM
  2. xanthumn's Avatar
    Saw the Droid-Life quick mention of these; hopped on over to the XDA forum thread; Ran over to Amazon with cash in hand... sold out!

    Thanks for the opportunity for a freebie!
    Eagerly awaiting your upcoming review.

    From what I read on the XDA thread they do fit the GSM model: xda-developers - View Single Post - Cruzer Lite Androidified A2 Case review
    01-24-2012 10:00 PM
  3. jasonxlee01's Avatar
    I hope i get to win one! Getting my phone next week!
    01-24-2012 10:05 PM
  4. Inthus's Avatar
    These are cool cases.
    freemanna likes this.
    01-24-2012 10:08 PM
  5. kharrigan's Avatar
    All i have to do is post to enter? What do i have to do to win?
    01-24-2012 10:09 PM
  6. mackin21's Avatar
    Me likey
    01-24-2012 10:09 PM
  7. kcn711's Avatar
    Pick me please
    01-24-2012 10:10 PM
  8. allesg's Avatar
    Send one my way. Prefer green or blue!
    01-24-2012 10:11 PM
  9. tcapote's Avatar
    Looking forward to the review, I want the green, PLEASE!!!!
    01-24-2012 10:11 PM
  10. freeze13's Avatar
    Ooooo pick me!

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk
    01-24-2012 10:12 PM
  11. Joe the Insider's Avatar
    I would love to win one, any color is fine. Please and thanks!
    01-24-2012 10:12 PM
  12. InspectorG's Avatar
    Green one, please!
    01-24-2012 10:13 PM
  13. mldiroff's Avatar
    Any of those would be of great use as I'm getting my Nexus on Saturday! My two little girls will love any of those colors
    01-24-2012 10:14 PM
  14. scififan2715's Avatar
    I want one!
    01-24-2012 10:14 PM
  15. nathanwi's Avatar
    Shed me skin!
    01-24-2012 10:14 PM
  16. aamzalag@gmail.com's Avatar
    man this looks nice. i want 1
    01-24-2012 10:14 PM
  17. phonez4less's Avatar
    Very nice! Smoke, blue, or red please!!!'m
    01-24-2012 10:14 PM
  18. tkminter's Avatar
    Would love to win one for my Galaxy Nexus!
    01-24-2012 10:15 PM
  19. Veridor's Avatar
    Woohoo, another awesome AC giveaway!
    01-24-2012 10:15 PM
  20. SickertNC's Avatar
    Free android swag, sign me up!

    If I dont win one I may buy one anyway, these are pretty great.

    01-24-2012 10:15 PM
  21. samkatz's Avatar
    nice colors!
    01-24-2012 10:15 PM
  22. jms67's Avatar
    01-24-2012 10:16 PM
  23. Josh515's Avatar
    I'd prefer the teal or orange if I won, but I would gladly take any of them! I would never be upset over something that's free, thanks x1000 for this awesome giveaway!!
    01-24-2012 10:16 PM
  24. atlas9171's Avatar
    Free works for me
    01-24-2012 10:16 PM
  25. jcartmel's Avatar
    Any of those would look nice on my Galaxy Nexus
    01-24-2012 10:16 PM
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