03-04-2012 11:59 PM
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  1. deasson1's Avatar
    Count me in!
    02-28-2012 11:38 PM
  2. goober007's Avatar
    If iam not near a TV, i want to be able to catch my Canucks on that large screen!
    02-28-2012 11:41 PM
  3. Ultimate212's Avatar
    Wish I would win this, since i don't even have a phone and my sister always showing off with her iPhone.
    02-28-2012 11:43 PM
  4. quicksilver53's Avatar
    I would love to win a Samsung Galaxy Note. The specs are just amazing and is about as big a mobile device as I would like.
    02-28-2012 11:44 PM
  5. sergejsh's Avatar
    In this case size is really matters! I just imagine that I would be able to watch my favorite TV shows somewhere in the park or caffee LIVE on such a big screen! Which is at the same time a phone? Wow! That's a technogical frontier in my hands! And I am ready to switch to Bell just to have that! Sweeet.
    02-28-2012 11:49 PM
  6. sRedwolf's Avatar
    Not only am I Samsung fan in general but the thing I like about the Note is that EVERY single person I know says they would never want it - too huge.

    It would be great to have a unique phone - different than the ones owned by all my friends. I've held it in the store and I think it looks awesome and feels perfectly fine in my hands.
    02-28-2012 11:52 PM
  7. harpoongill's Avatar
    I used it for a weekend and went from "not sure" to "WOW!". People are judging without even touching the thing, once you get a couple hours it totally makes sense. And now I'm in lust.
    02-28-2012 11:59 PM
  8. oberon45k's Avatar
    Hello, if I win this phablet i would totally show it off to all my friends and co-workers who own an Iphone. Keep up the great work, this site rocks!!!
    02-29-2012 12:01 AM
  9. Robbie Robb's Avatar
    I want to win the Galaxy Note as it would be a perfect compromise between laptop and mobile phone when out on a site and I need to quickly look at an AutoCAD drawing!
    02-29-2012 12:03 AM
  10. lautron's Avatar
    I have had a Galaxy S2 for a few months now and love it. However, I find that at work it is not as intuitive as a tablet or a laptop, but those are sometimes not appropriate when in client meetings. The Galaxy Note would allow me to quickly take some notes while still being able to display graphs or other important information to the client, without having a tablet or laptop overpowering the meeting.

    Since I'm just starting my career I don't have the disposable income to get the Galaxy Note, but to win one would be amazing! It would be truly incredible to win this phone!
    02-29-2012 12:15 AM
  11. baysurfer's Avatar
    Would love to win one! My Droid really needs to be replaced!
    02-29-2012 12:19 AM
  12. Confused#AC's Avatar
    Winning anything would be a novel experience for me ... to win this would be NOTEworthy ;-) Nice to see a contest in which Canadians can participate Eh !
    02-29-2012 12:21 AM
  13. edyts's Avatar
    would love to try out the spen and switch to a cheaper provider like Bell!
    02-29-2012 12:22 AM
  14. badbrad17's Avatar
    I need to win a galaxy note because after the canucks lost the Stanley cup last year I just need something to celebrate.

    It's true
    02-29-2012 12:34 AM
  15. scott.sb87's Avatar
    A Galaxy Note, eh? I think that would be much, MUCH better than the falling apart flip-phone from about 2005 I use... Been looking at the GNex, but to have the awesomeness of a stylus would be sweet!

    Thanks in advance
    02-29-2012 12:44 AM
  16. FireBird911's Avatar
    Because we're new immigrants to Canada.
    No body wants to sell us anything because we've got no credit history.
    Even a cell line was really hard to get and I could only buy my nexus from some crooks shop for almost double the price. Back at home I was a hi-tech worker!
    We've got no work, no language, it's tough, it's tough!
    02-29-2012 12:55 AM
  17. Bimmersport's Avatar
    I saved up and bought a samsung galaxy s2 out right from bell about 2 months ago and just recently had it stolen so now I am using my old galaxy s with a broken screen. I really want a new phone but funds are low and winning this note would be amazing
    02-29-2012 01:01 AM
  18. dutchman13's Avatar
    I would love to win the Galaxy Note so that I would have 1 device that bridges both the tablet and the phone. And I have big pockets (in the literal sense), so I can afford to win this device, but not buy it.
    02-29-2012 01:02 AM
  19. sal14m's Avatar
    Come on ladies, is bigger always better???
    02-29-2012 01:07 AM
  20. GeorgeEA's Avatar
    I love phones with BIG screens, and it is a Samsung, so how can you go wrong. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these phones. My friends were teasing me about it, but they don't know what they are talking about. It is not much bigger than other phones, and you have such a nice display to view web pages, and text. It has voice texting, GPS....what more can you ask for?

    Go Samsung!!!
    02-29-2012 01:29 AM
  21. figueroaw's Avatar
    02-29-2012 01:41 AM
  22. Someguy420's Avatar
    I want note?

    02-29-2012 01:46 AM
  23. AlonB.'s Avatar
    I WANT *drool*
    02-29-2012 01:48 AM
  24. miked91709's Avatar
    It looks like a great size for viewing my spreed sheets and web pages.
    02-29-2012 01:49 AM
  25. pacman762's Avatar
    SG Note looks big but interesting. Don't know how accurate writing is and would like to look at SG products with improved writing recognition.
    02-29-2012 02:05 AM
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