04-29-2012 08:29 PM
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  1. greyski's Avatar
    ohhh how lucky it would be to be unhinged from verizon.
    ohh fantastic the world would be to just be.
    No bloat and all freedom.

    Kill my bionic.

    (in the form of a beat poem)
    04-26-2012 05:36 PM
  2. DrScrubs's Avatar
    Nexus rules! If only Google would officially update the LTE version soon...
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  3. Nickles0n's Avatar
    Instead of doing chem i'm posting in this thread; android FTW!

    Would an unlocked galaxy nexus work on at&t's network? Just curious because i'm thinking of getting one... if I can ever stumble upon $500.
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  4. ggong5150's Avatar
    I'd love to rock the Nexus, since I'm currently unemployed! LoL
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  5. yoeyoe's Avatar
    Sounds good to me
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  6. thebrain73's Avatar
    Count me in.
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  7. illpoetic's Avatar
    I would love to get my hands on a Galaxy Nexus. I hope I win.... Good Luck all.
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  8. JMONEY84's Avatar
    I want one! Would go nice with my new android tablet!
    04-26-2012 05:37 PM
  9. boofont's Avatar
    Would love to win either one of them.
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  10. bighaubs's Avatar
    Yes, please!
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  11. SpenceJonas's Avatar
    Time for a phone upgrade, this would be the best way to replace it
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  12. tom28's Avatar
    Yes, i would like a gnex
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  13. eXDee's Avatar
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  14. suburbansoljah's Avatar
    I want it!!
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  15. coinmanmat's Avatar
    I played with a Galaxy Nexus at a Sprint store and I liked it so I want one!
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  16. zenstar's Avatar
    This is the unlocked one right? Would be sooo nice to own
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  17. b0btech's Avatar
    Please be nice to me, I'll love you forever!
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  18. pro1st's Avatar
    My dear vibrant just died and wont turn on anymore pleeease I need the nex!
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  19. Alucardsyco's Avatar
    Mmm Nexusy goodness.
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  20. Ian B's Avatar
    A free phone, I will take please.

    Ian B
    04-26-2012 05:38 PM
  21. jomcty's Avatar
    I didn't win the Mega-Millions but winning this GNEX would sure ease the pain.
    04-26-2012 05:39 PM
  22. Zippy Quan's Avatar
    I love this. It's been some time since my Nexus One
    04-26-2012 05:39 PM
  23. raynguyen112694's Avatar
    I want this phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    04-26-2012 05:39 PM
  24. Wood_doowk's Avatar
    Rockin' device, would love to have one! Thanks, Android Central!!
    04-26-2012 05:39 PM
  25. Demodocus's Avatar
    In for it, thanks AC!
    04-26-2012 05:40 PM
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