05-17-2012 01:52 PM
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  1. snppr22's Avatar
    Yes, please!
    05-10-2012 05:58 PM
  2. noother84's Avatar
    I'd love one of those prize packs
    05-10-2012 05:59 PM
  3. UKJeeper's Avatar
    IN! Thanks for the chance, assuming open to non-US residents.

    Edit: YES!

    TegraZone site rules and conditions:
    1. You must be a legal resident of the United States of America (excluding Puerto Rico and its other territories and possessions), Canada (excluding Quebec), the United Kingdom or Germany and you must be eighteen (18) or older to be eligible to participate.
    Looking hard at getting a T300 anyway as i wanted the Prime until the GPS issues came to light. I do a lot of hiking (using Viewranger) so a decent GPS signal is vital.
    05-10-2012 06:00 PM
  4. MdKnight's Avatar
    Ohhh, definitely count me in. Sweet.
    05-10-2012 06:01 PM
  5. Fuzzypaws's Avatar
    Gimme gimme gimme!
    05-10-2012 06:05 PM
  6. hobbes28's Avatar
    I would like a prize pack of my own
    05-10-2012 06:06 PM
  7. Stinkpickle's Avatar
    Do want!
    05-10-2012 06:07 PM
  8. rkeenan's Avatar
    I want a prize pack pleeeeeeeeeease!
    05-10-2012 06:08 PM
  9. poolshark333's Avatar
    I would love a prize pack
    05-10-2012 06:09 PM
  10. levelm's Avatar
    May I please have one?
    05-10-2012 06:11 PM
  11. jofergus#AC's Avatar
    This might be one of the best prize packs I've seen! Hopefully I get some good news!
    05-10-2012 06:12 PM
  12. spiffitastic's Avatar
    Yes please! I would love to replace my fancy digital picture frame aka Playbook.
    05-10-2012 06:14 PM
  13. facedown41's Avatar
    Give me a prize pack please!! I need to have revenge on my roommate who won a thrive tablet.
    05-10-2012 06:15 PM
  14. AvalancheJimy's Avatar
    Sweet stuff! I'd like a bundle please.
    05-10-2012 06:15 PM
  15. gt7143c's Avatar
    I want to win!
    05-10-2012 06:18 PM
  16. lestat832's Avatar
    I want!
    05-10-2012 06:18 PM
  17. bumpysig's Avatar
    I definitely want to win this.
    05-10-2012 06:19 PM
  18. Hotweelz's Avatar
    I would like one PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE!!!!
    05-10-2012 06:21 PM
  19. blaghda's Avatar
    I'm game!
    05-10-2012 06:21 PM
  20. kylemckown's Avatar
    I did my voting, now I'd love a new device to play on!
    05-10-2012 06:21 PM
  21. weave majjik's Avatar
    In it to win it... Thanks for the contest!

    Sent from my ADR6425LVW using Tapatalk 2
    05-10-2012 06:24 PM
  22. jedimstr397's Avatar
    Would love to win a prize pack.

    Great reviews and news keep me coming back. Keep up the great work, AC!
    05-10-2012 06:28 PM
  23. shahid99's Avatar
    i want it sooo badly
    05-10-2012 06:29 PM
  24. M3wThr33's Avatar
    I LIKE tablet much very!
    05-10-2012 06:30 PM
  25. patrickmaher's Avatar
    Thanks AC!
    05-10-2012 06:33 PM
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