05-24-2012 04:39 PM
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  1. Danielle_Gardner's Avatar
    Pick me! I want this tab so bad!!
    05-21-2012 09:13 AM
  2. longhorn34's Avatar
    Please Please Please
    05-21-2012 09:40 AM
  3. onuchempharmphys's Avatar
    I would love a prize package! Maybe the second time is a charm.
    05-21-2012 10:22 AM
  4. kirksucks's Avatar
    Yes please thank you.

    Sent from my unrooted DInc2 via Tapatalk
    05-21-2012 10:32 AM
  5. hounddogdaddy's Avatar
    Yes please! I am always in the market for a new free gadget!

    Sent from my HTC EVO3D, oh God I need a new phone!
    05-21-2012 10:55 AM
  6. extremenet's Avatar
    This would be great for work - much more useful than that iPad they want me to use.
    05-21-2012 11:08 AM
  7. LotusLord's Avatar
    I could use it!
    05-21-2012 11:13 AM
  8. Little Darwin's Avatar
    I want a prize pack of my own...

    05-21-2012 11:24 AM
  9. Kimo91's Avatar
    I would love to win this prize for my daughter graduating the 8th grade in a few days and get her away from any Apple iCraps

    Sent from my Sith powered and rooted DROID RAZR MAXX
    05-21-2012 11:34 AM
  10. doomstang's Avatar
    I want a prize pack!
    05-21-2012 11:34 AM
  11. DroidRican69's Avatar
    I'd like to submit my vote to win this product. My laptop broke after 5 years O.o
    05-21-2012 11:56 AM
  12. gmilliken's Avatar
    that tablet looks awesome
    05-21-2012 12:09 PM
  13. Jimcoker's Avatar
    Yes, please!!
    05-21-2012 12:32 PM
  14. EnMod's Avatar
    I'd love this pack, I've never owned a tablet before and being an avid gamer this would be perfect for me.
    05-21-2012 12:35 PM
  15. green77's Avatar
    I would love to win this and give it to my Daughter next month for her 16th Birthday.
    Thanks again AC
    05-21-2012 12:39 PM
  16. cbarretopy's Avatar
    Hello. I would like to win it.

    05-21-2012 01:53 PM
  17. B-RAN's Avatar
    I would love to have this prize pack! Perfect for my BIG road trip coming up!
    05-21-2012 02:17 PM
  18. Slayers's Avatar
    Would love to get this to use at school and stop carrying around my over sized laptop
    05-21-2012 02:23 PM
  19. Irvgotti's Avatar
    I need a prize pack of my own
    05-21-2012 02:48 PM
  20. zorian99's Avatar
    I want a prize pack!
    05-21-2012 04:06 PM
  21. Jude526's Avatar
    My birthday is Sat. Would be an awesome present!
    05-21-2012 04:23 PM
  22. CahUK's Avatar
    1st time lucky??
    05-21-2012 04:50 PM
  23. Clknia36's Avatar
    Ohhh yeah! I want it bad!
    05-21-2012 05:47 PM
  24. napmonstr's Avatar
    in for another attempt at the prize pack!
    05-21-2012 05:48 PM
  25. auburngirl's Avatar
    I'm in!
    05-21-2012 06:51 PM
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