07-16-2012 08:32 PM
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  1. samatbek's Avatar
    Give one to me, please please please!!! Rahmat!
    06-28-2012 03:08 AM
  2. K_Daddy's Avatar
    I still use my Thunderbolt, even though I got my kid a galaxy Nexus. I'm so jealous of her phone right now. I need the 7 so that I don't steal her phone.
    06-28-2012 03:10 AM
  3. YodaJM's Avatar
    N7, or N7 not. There is no iPad.
    06-28-2012 03:11 AM
  4. kilo720's Avatar
    I want one
    06-28-2012 03:12 AM
  5. jon___snow's Avatar
    I am here for the chance to win a Google Nexus 7 tablet
    06-28-2012 03:13 AM
  6. UKJeeper's Avatar
    Just wanna give out a quick thank you.

    Thank you to all the people who #FAILED to read the entry rules.

    Thank you for giving the rest of us a chance to win!

    When your account is created, change your avatar from the default avatar. Make it personal, unique as long as it is not left as the default Lloyd version, you're in.

    (BTW, this is just pages 1 - 40. I got bored of pasting! )

    I am excited about the Nexus Tablet! It would be great to win one.. I'm excited to try Jelly Bean!!!

    I wasn't able to get a ticket to I/O this year so I'm having to enjoy it vicariously through everyone else. I have to say, it looks so amazing!
    i would luv to win

    thanks androidcentral you rock !!!!
    i hope i win!
    Gimie some Nexus 7 goodness!
    Hook it up AC!
    I would love one Great reporting by the way, was glued to it most of the day.
    I'm not gonna grovel...but I will use the neighbor/fellow Panhandler as a viable reason to win the tablet.
    Loving what I've seen with Jelly Bean so far!
    Give over here please
    I would perhaps give one to my wife to get her off the crappy fire! Or just keep my transformer pad and this for meeeeee!
    I like the Nexus
    Pick meeeeeeee! I want one! It's good for my little brain Android Central!
    Yeeeah buddy!!!
    I can haz new Nexus 7 tabletz?
    This is fake...
    Looking forward to having this in my hands.
    Sure would love to have a tablet, especially this one!
    Nexus 7!
    Excited for the full review of Jelly Bean and the Nexus 7
    Nexus 7 please !!
    I could really use a tablet... would take the load off my phone lol
    PICK ME!
    Would love to win this! Pick me!
    I want the nexus tablet!
    Well, all I can say is, my mom is in an out of the hospital, her birthday is in 4 days. Would make a great gift
    I want one guys I never win anything lets see if I get this tablet.nexus all day!!!
    Time for my first tablet

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus
    this will make all tablets cheaper! =]
    Looks like a great unit to replace my playbook!!! The playbook locked up again on me, good thing for the hard reset. It will make a nice complement to my HTC Amaze. Loving the android platform. Long live android down with ios.....
    I don't own a tablet, having the vanilla joint as my first experience would rock.
    Nice! I would love to win this! Thanks for the great Podcast and contests.

    Sent from my MB865 using Android Central Forums
    me please
    I'll give it a try if I win
    Can't wait for some Jelly bean!
    I could really use an upgrade from my old archos70. Really.
    nexus tablet looks amazing.
    I want this, I need it, I cannot function without itasfdjmgnwdbvsdrfwaBHTj
    Hopefully my luck is good enough to win.
    Need........well kind of.
    Here's to a Nexus 7!
    I would LOVE to have the opportunity to WIN the Google Nexus 7 Tablet! It would certainly make my life soo much easier!!!

    Sent from my ADR6400L using Android Central Forums
    pick me!!!!!111one

    Sent from my ADR6300 using Android Central Forums
    I want one so bad! Only time I will be getting jelly bean any time soon.
    this would be a cool thing to have
    this would be epic
    Give it up Harvey.
    Kindle Fire II Rocks.............NOT!! Bring on the GoNex7, baby!
    Good luck to me!
    Please pick me!
    Nexus all day! I want one!
    WIN win win
    06-28-2012 03:14 AM
  7. BillGatesIsRich's Avatar
    Tell me something, my friend. You ever dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?
    06-28-2012 03:16 AM
  8. feistynoodle's Avatar
    Hope I win.
    06-28-2012 03:18 AM
  9. Boomer's Avatar
    Let's play Queen for a Day (the old TV show, not the new connotation) ...

    I have a four year old PC, an Atrix 2 and a nice TV. I live on disability and don't see a replacement PC or a snazzy tablet in the future, near or far..

    The tablet would make life much easier and cause less stress waiting for the PC to die.

    My little dog and I would be ever so grateful for the convenience of a tablet!


    06-28-2012 03:19 AM
  10. sloked's Avatar
    I will sleep with it.
    06-28-2012 03:19 AM
  11. jensen ackels's Avatar
    judging by the contest title I can see it that the contest organiser want's to know the people's love for andriod, I really love andriod it feels so good while using it...
    I wish I win!!!
    but i'm even more happy to be in this community as member cause I feel like i'm among real nice friends. I'm new to community but l kinda feel like I belong here...
    I want to win but if others in real need wins it im happy-
    06-28-2012 03:20 AM
  12. DesProfile's Avatar
    Good luck everryone!
    06-28-2012 03:21 AM
  13. reevester's Avatar
    I so badly want this!!

    Please, pretty please??!!
    06-28-2012 03:22 AM
  14. omarote8621's Avatar
    I love android! Vamos quiero uno!! Good luck to everyone!!
    06-28-2012 03:24 AM
  15. Fibonacci389's Avatar
    This tablet looks sweet, i want it!
    06-28-2012 03:24 AM
  16. tkoosting's Avatar
    Would love to check some info on the Nexus 7 during my Hazmat incidents (nice format to use inside the sweatin' hot Hazmat suit)
    06-28-2012 03:26 AM
  17. jedifire11's Avatar
    Would love to pick the Nexus tablet up! I would be able to use it at home and work! Thanks Android Central for the contest!
    06-28-2012 03:27 AM
  18. firephoenix1985's Avatar
    Hope to win!!! Regards from Spain!
    06-28-2012 03:27 AM
  19. Cretz's Avatar
    Me plzz
    06-28-2012 03:28 AM
  20. leroy1703's Avatar
    The tablet looks really beautiful and android 4.1 seems great. I just need to try it myself!
    A poor student like me just doesn't have money :P
    06-28-2012 03:29 AM
  21. rndll's Avatar
    Done, son!
    06-28-2012 03:30 AM
  22. juustin56's Avatar
    Winning one would be freaking rad
    06-28-2012 03:30 AM
  23. deep210's Avatar
    Here's to Nexus 7. Cheers!!
    06-28-2012 03:31 AM
  24. mat02's Avatar
    mat02: Do you have Nexus 7?
    AndroidCentra: Yes, we have one Nexus.
    mat02: Give it to me and shut the fcvk up!
    06-28-2012 03:31 AM
  25. uncoolcracker's Avatar
    Nice tablet.

    Sent from my Astounding ReZound
    06-28-2012 03:32 AM
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