07-16-2012 08:32 PM
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  1. bbooshay's Avatar
    Ohh, that's how you change the avatar!!!
    I hope I get picked!

    sock to nose, no smell so on it goes
    06-28-2012 12:06 PM
  2. pumaman's Avatar
    Do want...
    06-28-2012 12:07 PM
  3. jibby's Avatar
    I'd love to have this on my nightstand.

    Sent from my HTCEVOV4G using Android Central Forums
    06-28-2012 12:07 PM
  4. bhupman's Avatar
    Me please! Giggity.
    06-28-2012 12:07 PM
  5. mck's Avatar
    had to change my avatar just for this, i know i wont win but figured if i dont enter i cant complain i never win anything...
    06-28-2012 12:08 PM
  6. RonHammock's Avatar
    I can't wait to get one of these, that price is perfect!
    06-28-2012 12:08 PM
  7. romeytang's Avatar
    Finally it's here! Totally want one, don't force me to buy the Kindle Fire guys.

    Sent from my Nexus S 4G using Android Central Forums
    06-28-2012 12:09 PM
  8. jmr7192's Avatar
    Thanks for offering great prizes and great reviews.
    06-28-2012 12:09 PM
  9. insomniak's Avatar
    Nexus Nexus Nexus!!
    06-28-2012 12:10 PM
  10. riceeatingflip's Avatar
    This is the tablet from GOOGLE I have been waiting for!!! I've held out on getting a tablet for so long. I please award me my first Android Tablet.
    06-28-2012 12:11 PM
  11. ashishb's Avatar
    Would love to get the tablet!
    06-28-2012 12:11 PM
  12. blade86's Avatar
    This is the tablet I have been waiting for.
    06-28-2012 12:12 PM
  13. rx999's Avatar
    Just converted from Blackberry - forgive me & show mercy with a new Android tablet!
    06-28-2012 12:12 PM
  14. Sturta's Avatar
    I needed a push to change my avatar anyway! Good luck everyone.
    06-28-2012 12:13 PM
  15. JakeChance's Avatar
    Changed! Dr. House needs a new nexus tablet.
    06-28-2012 12:14 PM
  16. XDCX's Avatar
    I pre-ordered the Nexus 7 yesterday but I could always use another.

    Maybe I'll give one to my mom, I think she's ready to enter the computer age.
    06-28-2012 12:14 PM
  17. seinjunkie's Avatar
    06-28-2012 12:15 PM
  18. Chuckles 135's Avatar
    I changed my avatar to a fast and sexy car because just like the Camaro this new tablet looks sexy and hella fast. Would love to enter the tablet world with this thing.
    06-28-2012 12:15 PM
  19. michael7269's Avatar
    I so want to win this. I have been waiting for a Nexus tablet since I discovered the awesomeness of my Samsung Galaxy Nexus. So please pick me.
    06-28-2012 12:15 PM
  20. onlyifuknewme's Avatar
    Pick me!!!!... PLEASE....
    06-28-2012 12:15 PM
  21. HuskerDad3's Avatar
    I have been holding out on getting a tablet to see what Google would do. I would love to have the Nexus 7 as my first tablet. Please pick me.

    06-28-2012 12:16 PM
  22. Braun00's Avatar
    I would love to have this prize!!!
    06-28-2012 12:16 PM
  23. acidsamuraix's Avatar
    The Nexus 7 looks beautiful, I'd love to get my hands on one!
    06-28-2012 12:19 PM
  24. jasonraustin's Avatar
    Pick me!!! I even chose a Jelly Bean Avatar. That's got to win it for me!!
    06-28-2012 12:19 PM
  25. tutip's Avatar
    I want a nexus 7,give one please!!!
    06-28-2012 12:20 PM
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