07-16-2012 08:32 PM
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  1. louben987's Avatar
    A new tablet would be awesome!
    06-28-2012 06:45 PM
  2. hugo_ramirez's Avatar
    If I had this, all the cool kids would finally like me. Please help me get the cool kids to like me.
    06-28-2012 06:46 PM
  3. appmy's Avatar
    Pick me.
    06-28-2012 06:48 PM
  4. treblegni's Avatar
    I went with a comedic approach with my avatar. I drew a uncle sam parody. The new structure of Lloyd symbolizes the enhancements of Android OS through programming manipulation.

    I hope I win the nexus. Never owned a smart device other then an lg thrive.
    06-28-2012 06:49 PM
  5. willobee's Avatar
    I've been reading android central news for a half a year and I love it. Being a Google fan of coarse I saw the keynote and really want the nexus 7. Unfortunately, I don't really have the money now to get it so winning it would be really awesome
    06-28-2012 06:53 PM
  6. teckee's Avatar
    I want a jelly bean bikini, but a Nexus 7 would be almost as good...
    06-28-2012 06:54 PM
  7. Jeparisoe's Avatar
    I love the Nexus products from Google. Would be awesome to have the tablet.
    06-28-2012 06:55 PM
  8. mowens53's Avatar
    Please please give to me !
    06-28-2012 06:56 PM
  9. warmonster's Avatar
    i should win. why, because i said so...

    06-28-2012 06:57 PM
  10. jwsnj3rd's Avatar
    i dont got the money so id love to win one
    06-28-2012 06:59 PM
  11. skuni's Avatar
    Please pick me. I have a Nook tablet and feel it is not as versitile as a had hoped. But it was a gift from my wife.
    06-28-2012 07:12 PM
  12. kestep's Avatar
    New avatar... New tab?
    06-28-2012 07:16 PM
  13. weston87's Avatar
    I would love to have the Nexus 7! Please pick me!

    Sent from my Evo 3d using Tapatalk!
    06-28-2012 07:18 PM
  14. basslevel's Avatar
    Changed my avatar picture to the cover art from U2's Unforgettable Fire. U2 is definitely up there with my favorite bands and the picture shows my love for music (particularly classic rock and 90's rock, but also old school hip hop). Can't stop being amazed at the changes Google's added with Jellybean though, even considering how few they are. Project Butter, Google Now (the definitive Siri killer), and the new widget and notification functionality coupled with a fantastic tablet (an absolute steal at $200) make this irresistible.
    06-28-2012 07:19 PM
  15. Encerspay45's Avatar
    My avatar is Ichigo fighting Grimmjow, a scene from one of my favorite animes, Bleach. I really like it.
    I hope I win the tablet. I've never had one before, and it'd be so generous if I could start now.
    06-28-2012 07:19 PM
  16. UltraHighBypass's Avatar
    Changed my avatar using Tapatalk. Hopefully it worked.
    06-28-2012 07:23 PM
  17. azradal's Avatar
    Yes please.
    06-28-2012 07:28 PM
  18. TaurenSnake's Avatar
    Love the new Nexus 7 Tablet. Would go great with my GSM Galaxy Nexus.
    06-28-2012 07:31 PM
  19. kpetrie77's Avatar
    This looks like a good Galaxy Tab replacement.
    06-28-2012 07:35 PM
  20. egamerhdk's Avatar
    Did i win?
    06-28-2012 07:36 PM
  21. Melon Bread's Avatar
    Would not mind a N7 to develop on.
    06-28-2012 07:37 PM
  22. agar2627's Avatar
    Dang! that's a lot of post! Well hope you guy's get a chance to see my avatar. ICS Easter egg!
    06-28-2012 07:37 PM
  23. Bennielee23's Avatar
    Me and the lil man will play games on our new nexus 7 till we drop!
    06-28-2012 07:37 PM
  24. phantom21's Avatar
    Give me, plz

    Sent from my ADR6300 using Android Central Forums
    06-28-2012 07:40 PM
  25. dinosuh's Avatar
    I would love to win one...
    06-28-2012 07:46 PM
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