07-16-2012 08:32 PM
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  1. erjennin's Avatar
    JellyBean on the Nexus 7 please. My avatar was updated accordingly
    07-09-2012 09:28 AM
  2. calrayray's Avatar
    07-09-2012 09:36 AM
  3. n00bdud3's Avatar
    I might as well enter. Maybe I'll get lucky!
    BDain likes this.
    07-09-2012 09:45 AM
  4. BDain's Avatar
    Do i only have to post once to win? Or the more post=better chances?
    07-09-2012 09:46 AM
  5. txGeek's Avatar
    Yes, please! Yay!
    07-09-2012 10:04 AM
  6. sinaiticus's Avatar
    Ooh! Me, me, me!
    07-09-2012 10:15 AM
  7. travo1978's Avatar
    since my verizon galaxy nexus isn't quite native google, i need a device that is...
    07-09-2012 10:19 AM
  8. RamosDevil's Avatar
    I would love a Nexus 7... *Fingers crossed*
    07-09-2012 10:38 AM
  9. Callindril's Avatar
    07-09-2012 10:38 AM
  10. Unit01's Avatar
    Wow, it looks like the unholy child of an iPad/Touchpad! I want one! (Especially since I didn't get a Touchpad to mod in the fire sale ).

    07-09-2012 10:44 AM
  11. dilagable's Avatar
    You know you want me to have the Nexus 7. My birthday is tomorrow (birthday present), Closing on my first house this week (House warming gift), My Avatar is freakin' awesome (being awesome gift)! Look I am making it easy, 3 reasons to give but I only need one gift.
    07-09-2012 10:44 AM
  12. pro1st's Avatar
    just checking if I really have the default still on...
    07-09-2012 10:50 AM
  13. gilday1956's Avatar
    Ok I have changed my Avator
    07-09-2012 10:57 AM
  14. ParkOutside's Avatar
    My avatar is a portrait of one of the most awesome characters from avatar
    (It's a great show, if you've watched it in full you know what I mean lol)
    In anycase.. Nexus 7!
    07-09-2012 10:58 AM
  15. FaisDogg's Avatar
    Yes please

    Sent from EVO 4G LTE
    07-09-2012 11:02 AM
  16. slipsibm's Avatar
    Would love one!
    07-09-2012 11:10 AM
  17. cdawg4501's Avatar
    Pick me !! Thats all!
    07-09-2012 11:10 AM
  18. nhuth's Avatar
    I r winnar!?
    07-09-2012 11:17 AM
  19. rayfin's Avatar
    Seems easy enough....

    I could use another Nexus 7. I think my wife would love to have one. She used to use the HP Touchpad all the time before we sold it on eBay. I'm fairly certain the N7 will never leave my hands, so it would be nice to snag another one for her
    07-09-2012 11:21 AM
  20. Mils26's Avatar
    I enjoy a good contest every once in a while!
    07-09-2012 11:28 AM
  21. aterriba's Avatar
    I want one!
    07-09-2012 11:33 AM
  22. Gtil's Avatar
    It's a Brant Goose!!! Now give me a Nexus 7!!!!! Please.....
    07-09-2012 11:41 AM
  23. kepalaal's Avatar
    Thanks for the opportunity to win me a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet! You guys ROCK!!!
    07-09-2012 11:44 AM
  24. gorgalis's Avatar
    Over 6,600 entries... odds aren't good but it's worth a try!

    Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk
    07-09-2012 11:45 AM
  25. nashi#CB's Avatar
    OK, it's not a picture of me, but there is an avatar for me now.
    07-09-2012 11:51 AM
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