07-16-2012 08:32 PM
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  1. deltwalrus's Avatar
    If I win the tablet, I will whip it.

    Whip it good.
    07-11-2012 01:18 PM
  2. clayshaw's Avatar
    I'd love to have a Nexus 7. Been reading as many reviews as I could find since Google unveiled it, and I have yet to read a bad one.
    07-11-2012 01:20 PM
  3. tony404's Avatar
    Getting it would save my marriage.Because I think if I buy one more device my wife will divorce me. lol
    07-11-2012 01:33 PM
  4. nolittdroid's Avatar
    I'm off for the week recovering form a car accident. A tablet really would make me feel better! And I've had my own avatar for a while...so you should pick me =D
    07-11-2012 01:38 PM
  5. GenericNexus's Avatar
    My dad is in desperate need of a new tablet. Right now he's using a no-name android tablet with a resistive touchscreen! Help him out and show him just how great an android tablet can truly be by giving him a brand new Nexus 7!
    07-11-2012 01:49 PM
  6. 2FacedMayor's Avatar
    I gotta have that tablet! With all I'm hearing about how great Jelly Bean is it's time for me to get off the fence...help me out, Android Central!
    07-11-2012 02:08 PM
  7. sixdust's Avatar
    OnThis Step:
    3. Keep being awesome.
    07-11-2012 02:10 PM
  8. ekk's Avatar
    Throwing in my entry
    07-11-2012 02:12 PM
  9. dpauley's Avatar
    This contest finally motivated me to create an account.
    07-11-2012 02:18 PM
  10. downsouth11's Avatar
    Please note, I will not be as relaxed as I appear to be in my new avatar, if I do not win.
    07-11-2012 02:18 PM
  11. RMXO's Avatar
    Pick me to win!
    07-11-2012 02:23 PM
  12. fredo166's Avatar
    I'd love to win one!
    07-11-2012 02:41 PM
  13. Fnord's Avatar
    Love to get my hands on a nex7, tnx
    07-11-2012 02:41 PM
  14. Clocks's Avatar
    I love AC. Thanks for the contest!
    07-11-2012 02:43 PM
  15. cwil's Avatar
    I need a free Galaxy Nexus 7 to go with my Galaxy Nexus!
    07-11-2012 03:28 PM
  16. attyaden's Avatar
    Nexus 7 the old fashion way - earned. Well, sort of...
    07-11-2012 03:34 PM
  17. Hoovoolooz's Avatar
    A new Nexus 7 would be a great distraction from all the people watching me in my cage. (see my avatar)
    07-11-2012 03:37 PM
  18. mentezari's Avatar

    The Google Nexus 7 Tablet has gone up for preorder and we've gone hands on with it already. If you're still on the fence about picking one up for yourself, well, you may not have to. Why? Because we want to give you one that's why! Entering will take a little bit of effort on your part but hey, the good things in life never come easy so you do what you have to. So what is it that you need to do?

    • Become a member of the Android Central Forums. If you're already a member, you're good to go.

    • When your account is created, change your avatar from the default avatar. Make it personal, unique as long as it is not left as the default Lloyd version, you're in.

    • Post in this thread with a comment, that way we can see that have indeed changed it from the default. if you're already not using the default forums avatar, just post a comment.

    We all love Lloyd but adding a little personality to your forum avatar is a good and fun thing to do. Plus, it helps you stand out a little better. We'll pick out two winners to receive a brand new Google Nexus 7 Tablet, which everyone can appreciate and love. Everyone is welcome to enter, if you need to know how, exactly, to change your avatar you'll find details below.

    If you're reading this, chances are you already have a forums account.. if not, go sign up and get yourself one. Once logged in, go to the top section as shown in the image. Then, click on "Edit Avatar" then, use any appropriate avatar of your choosing as long as it is NOT the default Lloyd one.
    07-11-2012 03:44 PM
  19. thepabs3's Avatar
    I saw a video of an adroid in outer space and thought that was cool.
    07-11-2012 03:48 PM
  20. Greywolf928's Avatar
    I wish I had a nexus 7... *hint* *hint*
    07-11-2012 03:51 PM
  21. Malgus's Avatar
    Join the darkside

    Sent from the Darkside of the Force
    07-11-2012 04:04 PM
  22. n-strike's Avatar
    07-11-2012 04:12 PM
  23. GeneralElektric's Avatar
    A new Nexus 7 in my mailbox. I want to go to there.

    -- GeneralElektric
    07-11-2012 04:24 PM
  24. ZixZi's Avatar
    Well I think it was an awesome picture of my favorite "figure".

    ... And it's freaking cute (don't tell anyone I said that).
    07-11-2012 04:44 PM
  25. mscillian3's Avatar
    Nexus 7 ...the game changer !!!
    07-11-2012 04:48 PM
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