08-06-2012 09:26 AM
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  1. Moxie3000's Avatar
    Let's see... I find new apps....

    1) Amazon AppStore's Free App of the Day. Really, it's about the only thing I do with their store since Amazon's update policy causes apps to lag behind those on the Play Store. However, since I check this daily, it's my first line of discovering new apps -- or at least new crappy, bug-ridden, intrusive, IAP-greedy games...since that's about 95% of the FAOTD offers.

    2) Sites like here, Gizmodo and Engadget which regularly or semi-regularly publish "App of the Week" articles.

    3) Sales. This usually applies to games, but occasionally other types of apps announce sales and either get featured in the Play Store or get a feature article on one of the above-mentioned sites. I use the Play Store daily as well, but that's usually just to get the nigh-daily app updates. When I remember, I check the front page for deals.

    4) XDA Developers Forums. I will occasionally troll the Apps and Themes sections for my devices looking for cool new stuff.

    5) Word of mouth. This is practically a last resort. My wife is pretty good about telling me about the latest cute puzzle game for her iPhone...for all the good that usually does me. My Android-using friends are pretty mum about apps. Maybe they're not app junkies like I am?
    08-01-2012 11:43 AM
  2. justlookin's Avatar
    I just search the play store.
    08-01-2012 11:48 AM
  3. jumboadam's Avatar
    two ways i find new apps-- android central reviews or the designated section in the google play store for new apps!!
    08-01-2012 11:50 AM
  4. chinita279's Avatar
    I usually google an app with the functionality that I want and the name of an app usually always comes up
    08-01-2012 11:52 AM
  5. Mechapanda's Avatar
    i always see apps that other people are using and enjoy myself when i try them.
    08-01-2012 11:57 AM
  6. mitaino9000's Avatar
    I usually look at sites such as Android Central or from people on G+ for recommendations of apps.
    08-01-2012 11:58 AM
  7. theanghellicone's Avatar
    i love testing random apps. and anything android central usually gets downloaded immediately
    08-01-2012 11:59 AM
  8. natehoy's Avatar
    Generally I find an app when I have a problem I think one of my devices can help with, and go searching. However, the various review sites and of course the forums have pointed me to a whole bunch of useful apps as well.
    08-01-2012 12:03 PM
  9. J_rock151#CB's Avatar
    I always ck right here on Android Central.
    08-01-2012 12:07 PM
  10. RobBryar's Avatar
    I rely on the Play Store, but for my growing number of tablets its not ideal to find tablet optimized apps for it
    08-01-2012 12:11 PM
  11. dbon12's Avatar
    Trying to find tablet friendly apps can be a pain in the play store.
    Often i rely on customer reviews, website reviews, forums and
    news sources to find them. Having a market app just for tablets
    would be great and so convenient to use. Hope i'm one of the
    08-01-2012 12:16 PM
  12. SomeAudioGuy's Avatar
    I usually find out about new apps here... So maybe you shouldn't let me win because I'd come here less often...
    08-01-2012 12:21 PM
  13. nmc445's Avatar
    I search the same Android blogs & forums as mentioned above, including Android Central. The Tranformer Infinity is my first tablet, so I'm still learning but excited to see what it can do.
    08-01-2012 12:21 PM
  14. rsuri2's Avatar
    Android Central, Lifehacker and just browsing Google Play..
    08-01-2012 12:33 PM
  15. sakasune's Avatar
    I had no idea such a thing existed! I usually look for recommendations on sites such as this or Lifehacker.
    08-01-2012 12:38 PM
  16. pro1st's Avatar
    If not through blogs - normally groups of friends mention new apps and I test it. But blog coverage is probably the number one driver.
    08-01-2012 12:38 PM
  17. Jordan2348's Avatar
    I make sure to check AndroidCentral every Saturday for the app picks!
    08-01-2012 12:40 PM
  18. xltbob's Avatar
    I'd love a pro version of this app. Great to go with my new N7.
    08-01-2012 12:41 PM
  19. borumha's Avatar
    Typically once a month i look through trending or top apps. Tried app brain but was underwhelmed
    08-01-2012 12:42 PM
  20. chinkyizza's Avatar
    To find new apps I check the androidcentral and droidgamers websites
    08-01-2012 12:45 PM
  21. MacMan156's Avatar
    Usually a ton of googling to find other people's app recommendations
    08-01-2012 12:46 PM
  22. Compnird's Avatar
    TegraZone for my Xoom... otherwise I just search keywords adding in 'tablet' when I want to see if anything is potomized for tablet. Always try the free versions first!
    (SwiftKey3 for Tablet was one I bought because of the free Demo version, same with World of Goo)

    I will be downloading the free version of this on my 2 tablets, thanks for sharing.
    08-01-2012 12:53 PM
  23. calikingz's Avatar
    I check Amazon App Store, Google Play, Android Central apps of the week and through friends
    08-01-2012 12:54 PM
  24. romsrini's Avatar
    I find them via Android Centra or Android Phone Fans.
    08-01-2012 12:56 PM
  25. JonOvalle's Avatar
    Believe it or not, I actually go online and do the research on what type of App i'm looking for, then I hit the Google Play from the computer and it installs onto my phone or tablet.
    I hope the new one is better and has more category options.
    08-01-2012 01:03 PM
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