08-14-2012 03:07 PM
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  1. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    Hey all you proud owners of the new Samsung Galaxy S3, if you're looking for a new case for your shiny phone then look no further. We have 6 of these Qmadix Xpression cases to give away, in the colors seen above (red, black, white, pink, purple, orange)! If you'd like to win one all you need to do is leave a comment below letting us know the following:

    1. What color you want. If you don't specify a color, you won't win.
    2. Why you want this case!

    If you'd like to read our review of the Qmadix Xpression Covers before entering, you may do so here:
    Qmadix Xpression Cover case for Galaxy S3 review

    And if you'd rather just go and buy yourself one instead of leaving it up to chance, you may do so at ShopAndroid here:
    Qmadix Xpression Cover for Samsung Galaxy S3

    Good luck! Contest ends Sunday night.
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    08-10-2012 01:44 AM
  2. NickLippert's Avatar
    The black one looks nice. I don't have a case on my S3 right now, might be a good idea to have one.
    08-10-2012 02:05 AM
  3. wiscottsin's Avatar
    Orange is best.
    Gotta wrap up the new baby so she doesn't get hurt.

    08-10-2012 02:08 AM
  4. mynameisLOS's Avatar
    The black one would be nice. I'm only entering because my friend just converted from an iphone to the s3. Thought it would be a cool bonus
    08-10-2012 02:45 AM
  5. Jamin13's Avatar
    I want the white one if I win.

    A white case would renew my phone's former beauty like when it came out of the box.
    08-10-2012 02:46 AM
  6. thedk10's Avatar
    I would love the pink one although im not a girl my GF just got the s3 on tmobile and im trying to be a nice BF and help her out.
    08-10-2012 02:46 AM
  7. Michelle Haag's Avatar
    The black one would be nice. I'm only entering because my friend just converted from an iphone to the s3. Thought it would be a cool bonus

    (sorry, I couldn't resist :P)
    08-10-2012 02:47 AM
  8. SierraRR's Avatar
    I like the black one. It would look great protecting my pebble blue S3.
    08-10-2012 02:49 AM
  9. anon(894707)'s Avatar
    The black one is nice. Also it would be awesome to have case like this!
    08-10-2012 02:52 AM
  10. newfriend01's Avatar
    I would very much like the black case.

    Although its inspired by nature and Designed for humans, i doubt its designed to be dropped by this particular one.
    08-10-2012 02:53 AM
  11. psiclne's Avatar
    I would like a purple one

    Im broke and cant afford to buy my bro a present, so Android Central will do it for me lol
    08-10-2012 02:58 AM
  12. amosque57's Avatar
    i would gladly take a red one because i need something to protect my beautiful s3 which has become something like my baby for the past month haha
    08-10-2012 03:07 AM
  13. facedown41's Avatar
    Black because I need a sturdier case for when I take this thing out and about.
    08-10-2012 03:07 AM
  14. seanmackeige's Avatar

    Compliments my people s3...I mean pebble blue =)~
    08-10-2012 03:23 AM
  15. lmchick01's Avatar
    I would like the pink one because it would look great on my white Galaxy S III and because I have an black Otter box now but it is sooo boring and I need a little color. Also the case just looks awesome!
    08-10-2012 03:32 AM
  16. mswashu's Avatar
    I'd like the red one, because so far, only AT&T is getting the red GSIII, which sucks.
    08-10-2012 04:08 AM
  17. TXSpazz's Avatar
    I'd like the purple one.... to cover the dings I already have from fumbleing my S3.
    08-10-2012 04:18 AM
  18. franky311's Avatar
    I would like the blue. I want one because my current protector is very dull. This one would make my S3 look cooler and protect my phone more than my current pos cover.
    08-10-2012 04:28 AM
  19. zizu101's Avatar
    I want a black one because they look like jet-packs, and I have not used any cases for my devices. I am the dare devil.

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using Android Central Forums
    08-10-2012 05:53 AM
  20. Uncle Louie's Avatar
    I'd like the white one, since it would match the phone AND my Flygrip!

    Always on the lookout for a good case without a ton of bulk.

    Sent from my SPH-L710 using Android Central Forums
    08-10-2012 06:00 AM
  21. OddGirlName's Avatar
    Purple would be nice and it would be to replace the one I have on now which randomly turns the volume up and down.
    08-10-2012 06:43 AM
  22. pixelsyndicate's Avatar
    I'd like to win the PINK one because my brother has been swaggering around with this new samsung galaxy S3 and knowing he wouldn't turn down a free phone case, I could get him to stop flashing it around so much were it in a pink case
    08-10-2012 07:22 AM
  23. pdl2mtl90's Avatar
    Like to win the black one. Definitely a slick looking case and quite different.
    08-10-2012 07:56 AM
  24. gmc7000's Avatar
    I'd take a pink one to surprise my sister, who just got a SG III.
    08-10-2012 08:09 AM
  25. pstellato73's Avatar
    the black one please. I always keep a case on my phones.
    08-10-2012 08:11 AM
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