09-10-2012 02:25 PM
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  1. mrgranttj's Avatar
    Not Just Interested. Need!! Only Android user in Family. Help me convert others.....
    08-30-2012 06:33 PM
  2. MEZOCLONE's Avatar
    I am very interested, sign me up and let her spin! Thanks for all the hard work you guys put in everyday.
    08-30-2012 06:33 PM
  3. sergio777's Avatar
    Yes I would love to get one of these babies!!!!!!
    08-30-2012 06:33 PM
  4. Junr's Avatar
    I want one! Love AC
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  5. LeeBeeLA's Avatar
    You bet!
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  6. Wicell's Avatar
    Random number generator.... here I am. I'd love one of those prize packs.
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  7. gollum18's Avatar
    I'm interested Jerry sign me up.

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    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  8. user311's Avatar
    Pick me
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  9. iamblob's Avatar
    So interested! Just got a Samsung GSII and absolutely loving it and Android!
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  10. twister99403's Avatar
    I would do anything for one!!!! Would love to be able to feel the experience of jelly bean
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  11. RoboWarrior's Avatar
    I really want!

    Sent from my HTC Desire HD using Tapatalk 2
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  12. stacychad1996's Avatar
    I am super duper interested! !!!
    08-30-2012 06:34 PM
  13. Parnelli98's Avatar
    Thanks for the contest!
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  14. Heat_Holda's Avatar
    Super Interested! I would love a Nexus 7. I'm excited just by typing this.
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  15. jnexus's Avatar
    I'm in! (Fingers crossed)
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  16. r1fo's Avatar
    Hoping you pick me! Thank you!!
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  17. TWC_SouthPhilly's Avatar
    Oh ya count me in on this one.... Pretty Please!!!!

    I so need a new t-shirt!!!!!

    Sent From My GalaxyClass StarShip 10.1/4.1.1(jb)
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  18. ceandy's Avatar
    I'm excited and interested in winning a Nexus 7 prize package!
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  19. bender234's Avatar
    Hope i win
    08-30-2012 06:35 PM
  20. tlindquist's Avatar
    Interesting! Interested!
    08-30-2012 06:36 PM
  21. AndroidEatsAppleCores's Avatar
    I'm definitely interested! Would love to have one

    Horn for Android is finally here, and a great way to kick it off is with a huge contest. Go check out the review of the game, I'll wait.

    Pretty badass, right?

    Here's your chance to win a Nexus 7, an official AC Lloyd t-shirt, and a Lloyd Secret Society pin. Three very awesome pieces of equipment.

    Drop a line here to let us know you're interested, and we'll pick 5 winners at random. Be sure you have access to the e-mail account you used to register, 'cause that's how we'll be getting in touch with the winners.

    Good luck!
    08-30-2012 06:36 PM
  22. tutip's Avatar
    I'm interested!!!send me one,in argentina don't sell the nexus 7!!this is the only way to get one
    08-30-2012 06:36 PM
  23. rmwilk's Avatar
    I'm interested Want a Nexus 7
    08-30-2012 06:36 PM
  24. crash711's Avatar
    Please and thank you.
    08-30-2012 06:36 PM
  25. sageleeone's Avatar
    Thanks, I am interested... whoopie!
    08-30-2012 06:37 PM
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