09-10-2012 02:25 PM
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  1. Techno_Man's Avatar
    Even if I don't win, you're awesome for having this contest! Lol, but yes I'm interested!!!!!
    09-03-2012 05:03 AM
  2. acstewart82's Avatar
    I absolutely would be interested. This would be awesome to win.
    09-03-2012 06:28 AM
  3. Tidey_'s Avatar
    Yeah I would love to win this! It's looks so awesome!

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    09-03-2012 06:31 AM
  4. Takku's Avatar
    Yep, I'm interested.
    09-03-2012 07:15 AM
  5. Markster1's Avatar
    Enter me please!
    09-03-2012 07:24 AM
  6. blessedta's Avatar
    me please
    09-03-2012 07:30 AM
  7. Chevyracing252's Avatar

    Horn for Android is finally here, and a great way to kick it off is with a huge contest. Go check out the review of the game, I'll wait.

    Pretty badass, right?

    Here's your chance to win a Nexus 7, an official AC Lloyd t-shirt, and a Lloyd Secret Society pin. Three very awesome pieces of equipment.

    Drop a line here to let us know you're interested, and we'll pick 5 winners at random. Be sure you have access to the e-mail account you used to register, 'cause that's how we'll be getting in touch with the winners.

    Good luck!
    I would love be to wi one of these packages....

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    09-03-2012 07:37 AM
  8. basketthis's Avatar
    One of these would be nice!

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    09-03-2012 07:40 AM
  9. adamsaur's Avatar
    Why must you all tempt me with nexus heavenliness
    09-03-2012 07:51 AM
  10. ne0nlightz's Avatar
    I'm in! I would do anything to win! (Didn't try to make that rhyme :P)
    09-03-2012 08:03 AM
  11. CDeuce's Avatar
    I'm interested, Who isn't?
    09-03-2012 08:35 AM
  12. laz69's Avatar
    I would love a nexus 7, I've read a lot of good thing s about them and I'm sure it would complement my galaxy nexus.
    09-03-2012 08:56 AM
  13. jessejordan's Avatar
    The interest is all mine!
    09-03-2012 09:19 AM
  14. sivadbz's Avatar
    I'm in.. Definitely want one
    09-03-2012 09:24 AM
  15. calcheese's Avatar
    yes please!
    09-03-2012 09:36 AM
  16. tdraul's Avatar
    Pick me. I want one so bad
    09-03-2012 09:37 AM
  17. NettePetrillo's Avatar
    Pick Me Please!
    09-03-2012 10:02 AM
  18. pipotobe's Avatar
    Ok this I really really want. I've tried the playbook but it's too buggy and it won't fill me tablet needs.
    09-03-2012 10:02 AM
  19. Kale Blossom's Avatar
    Totes interested! I'd love to give my mom mom something that gets her online for Christmas, and I love my Nexus 7.:-P

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    09-03-2012 10:07 AM
  20. Kevin21's Avatar
    Interested? Absolutely!!!
    09-03-2012 10:20 AM
  21. zevot's Avatar
    Thanks for the Nexus 7!
    09-03-2012 10:24 AM
  22. ady2k2000's Avatar
    I hope I get one....
    09-03-2012 10:29 AM
  23. thenelson's Avatar
    Pretty excited about this, I was hoping to play Horn on my S3 but it isn't compatible.
    09-03-2012 11:05 AM
  24. brinox's Avatar
    Definitely interested. Sign me up

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Tapatalk 2
    09-03-2012 11:28 AM
  25. Devlyn16's Avatar
    I'm more than interested
    09-03-2012 11:46 AM
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