1. rsjrny's Avatar
    yes I would
    09-07-2012 08:21 PM
  2. ScandaLeX's Avatar
    I love anything free! The game looks really interesting.

    Tap'n from my White SGT2 7.0 SE
    09-07-2012 08:39 PM
  3. MrpicC's Avatar
    Have two but would love to win another and hook someone up that can't afford one.

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    09-07-2012 08:42 PM
  4. emock81's Avatar
    09-07-2012 11:09 PM
  5. vito032's Avatar
    I would like one!!!!
    09-08-2012 12:35 AM
  6. dominicanpapi4u's Avatar
    I want one

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums
    09-08-2012 12:43 AM
  7. Erphed's Avatar
    Wow, a free Lloyd pin? Pick me, please.
    09-08-2012 01:31 AM
  8. hounddogdaddy's Avatar
    Oh, Jerry, Jerry, Jerry... I'm feeling lucky!

    Sent from my GS3 that is connected to the interwebs!
    09-08-2012 01:53 AM
  9. NettePetrillo's Avatar
    Yes Please...I would like to have one!
    09-08-2012 02:26 AM
  10. chandra85's Avatar
    no need to ask, lol
    09-08-2012 03:40 AM
  11. zizu101's Avatar
    UC, if android central wasn't awesome ,then I wouldn't be here in the first place. .

    Sent from my GT-I9300 using Android Central Forums
    09-08-2012 04:06 AM
  12. rsjrny's Avatar
    this is very cool
    09-08-2012 07:06 AM
  13. knightblaze's Avatar
    This is a fantastic contest, count me in!

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Tapatalk 2
    09-08-2012 07:40 AM
  14. lilcdroid's Avatar
    It's great to see all sorts of forums and contests everywhere giving people a chance to win a Nexus 7. Definitely interested in getting ahold of one of these. Thanks for the chance.
    09-08-2012 08:08 AM
  15. ady2k2000's Avatar
    Please make this happen. I want one.
    09-08-2012 09:15 AM
  16. lopezj760's Avatar
    I would like to win something for once in my life! Lol
    09-08-2012 09:50 AM
  17. NettePetrillo's Avatar
    I would love to win something for a first time! Thank You for the great opportunity!

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using Android Central Forums
    09-08-2012 02:37 PM
  18. NewMind83's Avatar
    09-08-2012 03:11 PM
  19. marinos35's Avatar
    I'm also interested. Who wouldn't be?
    I've been following your RSS feed for more than two years now and this seemed a good chance for me to sign up I hope I'm lucky cause I don't think I'll get the chance to buy it any time soon.
    09-08-2012 03:14 PM
  20. creepdeadson's Avatar
    This is such a great opportunity, and would be greatly appreciated! Gaming on the og htc incredible is terrrible!
    09-08-2012 03:17 PM
  21. Dosr's Avatar
    This is all awesomeness...

    Sent from my DROID BIONIC using Tapatalk 2
    09-08-2012 03:23 PM
  22. bdfull3r's Avatar
    i want one
    09-08-2012 05:04 PM
  23. n-strike's Avatar
    In on this.
    09-08-2012 06:49 PM
  24. rsjrny's Avatar
    wow, can this be...................
    09-09-2012 10:02 AM
  25. bspry35's Avatar
    Winning this would make my day
    09-09-2012 01:21 PM
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