10-08-2012 09:48 PM
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  1. piranye's Avatar
    Come to me nexus 7
    10-02-2012 12:54 AM
  2. scarmon25's Avatar
    I really have to say you guys do some great contest. I look forward to them. Rarely participate as I don't have the time to always check. But when I do I'm rarely disappointed.
    10-02-2012 12:55 AM
  3. masterkey328's Avatar
    This is a great site for all the android news!
    10-02-2012 12:55 AM
  4. helladd's Avatar
    Already have an avatar, its an illustration of my cat "Zombie" that I made =^_^=
    10-02-2012 12:56 AM
  5. I Be Zachh's Avatar
    I mean... can you really deny giving a Nexus 7 to Chipper Jones?
    10-02-2012 12:56 AM
  6. mviglesias57's Avatar
    I'd like a new toy...
    10-02-2012 12:57 AM
  7. antfreq's Avatar
    Ant-Droid wants to win !!!
    10-02-2012 12:58 AM
  8. jungerer001's Avatar
    I want in too................oh heck just name me as the winner already!!!
    10-02-2012 12:58 AM
  9. randombob's Avatar
    The lure of a new gadget = motivation to register.
    10-02-2012 12:58 AM
  10. pseang's Avatar
    i'm in
    10-02-2012 12:59 AM
  11. ZigmunD's Avatar
    I'm in!
    10-02-2012 12:59 AM
  12. jeuw's Avatar
    For the win!
    10-02-2012 01:00 AM
  13. Troothdotcom's Avatar
    please let me be the one to win it

    i just cracked the screen on my HTC One X and need something to cheer me up!!!
    10-02-2012 01:00 AM
  14. Hotweelz's Avatar
    Count me in!
    10-02-2012 01:01 AM
  15. cuberob's Avatar
    I feel like I'm always blast to react in these topics, time zone and everything. Anyways, congratulations to the winner!
    10-02-2012 01:01 AM
  16. Preveen's Avatar
    Yay! I already have a custom avatar.
    10-02-2012 01:01 AM
  17. Ha Chickee Pitah's Avatar
    I wanna win!! Pick me, pick me, pick me!!
    10-02-2012 01:03 AM
  18. mattucker's Avatar
    Come on Lady Luck
    10-02-2012 01:04 AM
  19. asgardjunkie's Avatar
    Count me in...
    10-02-2012 01:06 AM
  20. geemaan's Avatar
    I have a new old Avatar!
    10-02-2012 01:07 AM
  21. skyboxer's Avatar
    Is there a Doctor in the house?
    10-02-2012 01:07 AM
  22. blaqkingnothrone's Avatar
    i hope i win this time around im all in
    10-02-2012 01:07 AM
  23. marcf31's Avatar
    Im in
    10-02-2012 01:08 AM
  24. Jay-Dog's Avatar
    I already had something different for my avatar, but changed it again to something I think you will all like better. Notice Apple is loosing.
    10-02-2012 01:08 AM
  25. abdon_junbug's Avatar
    I changed my Avatar a while ago. A Nexus 7 will go nicely with my GNex!

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums
    10-02-2012 01:09 AM
3,194 ... 5758596061 ...

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