11-16-2012 03:27 PM
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  1. SpikesWire's Avatar
    10-21-2012 10:56 AM
  2. Jesslynh's Avatar
    Wow. NICE contest! I just got a Galaxy S3 (yesterday), but need to replace another phone as well so here's good luck to me.

    I've got to get my husband away from the dark side (iPhone) and handing over a new android phone is a better lure than showing him all the cool stuff my phone does.
    10-21-2012 11:01 AM
  3. ilovepemmican's Avatar
    Yowza, yowza, yowza!
    10-21-2012 11:17 AM
  4. funkylogik's Avatar
    congratulations everyone :beer:

    global s3, UK. Ask me anything and ill reply even if its just an intelligent (or stupid) guess
    10-21-2012 11:19 AM
  5. EnviroTech's Avatar
    I would like one
    10-21-2012 11:19 AM
  6. dreffer's Avatar
    I'd like to win! I need a new smartphone!
    10-21-2012 11:39 AM
  7. zmann's Avatar
    I must come to this Site at least 20 times a day just to learn or help. Every time I lite up my phone screen 9 out of ten times I come here first. Thanks Ac for a great forum.

    10-21-2012 12:19 PM
  8. tjhop4292's Avatar
    Boy, I kinda hope not all 1 million members enter this contest so I actually have a chance of winning. XD
    kendallc123 likes this.
    10-21-2012 12:20 PM
  9. saichick04's Avatar
    Hootie hoo!! You guys are amazing. Do you know how many of my not so techy friends I've impressed by answering questions or physically repairing their phones? All bc I come here first and search ha ha. Shh don't tell anyone. Does this count as my entry?

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using Android Central Forums
    zmann likes this.
    10-21-2012 12:27 PM
  10. FjT's Avatar
    Quite an accomplishment. Congrats!!
    10-21-2012 12:43 PM
  11. mcs's Avatar
    Android Central is always the first place I go to read the latest news about Android, my mobile platform of choice. Keep up the good work, and thanks to all the members for help and chat on the forums.
    10-21-2012 12:44 PM
  12. Volvogga's Avatar
    Congrats on the milestone. I wonder how many more follow on G+ or something that are not yet members...?
    10-21-2012 12:48 PM
  13. drdeath91's Avatar
    Fingers crossed on this one.

    Sent from my Nexus 7 using Android Central Forums
    10-21-2012 01:15 PM
  14. electron's Avatar
    Congrats on such a big milestone!
    10-21-2012 01:35 PM
  15. Reikis's Avatar
    Good luck for me!
    10-21-2012 01:36 PM
  16. publikohn's Avatar
    Count me in!
    10-21-2012 02:38 PM
  17. mouseondnet#AC's Avatar
    consider this my entry!

    Sent from my Nexus S using Android Central Forums
    10-21-2012 02:41 PM
  18. UndeadNexus's Avatar
    Woo! One million members!!! I hope I win!
    10-21-2012 03:27 PM
  19. yellowsun's Avatar
    I need to win this for my mom. I don't think she comes to visit me anymore, she only comes to visit my N7.
    dancing-bass likes this.
    10-21-2012 03:30 PM
  20. ChaosMarine03's Avatar
    I'm in!
    10-21-2012 03:31 PM
  21. lt thistle's Avatar
    I'm in

    Sent from my Transformer Prime TF201 using Tapatalk 2
    10-21-2012 04:10 PM
  22. evilempire's Avatar
    Man I would love to win that phone!!!!!!!
    10-21-2012 04:29 PM
  23. Ikeman90's Avatar
    This would make my year! Hope i win
    10-21-2012 05:04 PM
  24. rpmorri#CB's Avatar
    Congrats on one million! I'm in.
    10-21-2012 05:19 PM
  25. uscguy's Avatar
    Great contest, and can't wait.

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Android Central Forums
    10-21-2012 05:29 PM
5,066 ... 6970717273 ...

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