11-23-2012 04:48 AM
1,994 ... 2122232425 ...
  1. TheSBek's Avatar
    Pick me please!
    11-15-2012 08:48 AM
  2. 3.juan4's Avatar
    May I please have a phone good sir!
    11-15-2012 08:49 AM
  3. tkane11's Avatar
    I want to win a HTC One X+!
    11-15-2012 08:49 AM
  4. idiotguy's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+!
    11-15-2012 08:49 AM
  5. zapfrog's Avatar
    Mine, Mine, Mine, Mine...sorry the seagull scene from the movie Finding Nemo popped into my head. Seriously this would go towards my mom who is in dire need of an upgrade on a dying non smart phone.
    11-15-2012 08:49 AM
  6. epps720's Avatar
    I can't wait to see how beautiful that screen really is and with that S4 Pro chip, this phone is a beast. Also, I'm DYING for a new phone but my contract isn't up for about another year. Please HELP!!
    11-15-2012 08:49 AM
  7. CoolBeit's Avatar

    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+. I want to win it bad. It will replace my Atrix (which has been refurbished and sent back with a completely locked down bootloader), which I cannot stand anymore. Please save me from this sad, sad, Gingerbread world. Otherwise, I'm stuck with this stinker of a phone until the summer, when I *might* finally have room in my budget for a nexus 4. That's a WHOLE LIFETIME AWAY! Save me, Jerry! Save me! Jerry, you are the One! (seewhatididthere)
    11-15-2012 08:50 AM
  8. RoccOn16v's Avatar
    This is a very important post, and I'll use it to tell you that I want to win a freaking HTC One X+ -- the very same One (seewhatididthere) that you can't win!

    Can't believe I won!
    11-15-2012 08:50 AM
  9. Zeustopher's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+ really bad! I've had an HTC Sensation and would LOVE to have this monster in my pocket instead!
    11-15-2012 08:51 AM
  10. jpits45's Avatar
    Thanks. I'd like to own it.
    11-15-2012 08:51 AM
  11. se1000's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    11-15-2012 08:51 AM
  12. Gewgaws's Avatar
    I'm nearing the end of my current contract and on the fence bettwen the OneX+, the Nexus4, the Xperia TL, the S3, and even the DNA. Please pick me and make this moot!
    11-15-2012 08:52 AM
  13. miller7796's Avatar
    Why I want a OneX+? Because it looks freaking awesome!
    11-15-2012 08:52 AM
  14. dh2969's Avatar
    With Blue Flames coming out my arse. I will accept the HTC One X+. Just for you Jerry! Just this one time (throwing hands up in there)!
    11-15-2012 08:52 AM
  15. codeda's Avatar
    I wants one!

    Sent from my SPH-L710 using Android Central Forums
    11-15-2012 08:52 AM
  16. Outrager's Avatar
    I would love to win this.
    11-15-2012 08:53 AM
  17. IcantCanything's Avatar
    It's sad Jerry can't win the htc one x+ but that leaves one phone for everyone else including me to win a great phone.
    11-15-2012 08:53 AM
  18. Roscopcoletrain's Avatar
    Oh boy I want to win a freaking HTC One X+

    11-15-2012 08:53 AM
  19. mark06067's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+ -- the very same one that you can't win. DAMMIT.
    11-15-2012 08:53 AM
  20. drtunx's Avatar
    Please god (AND Jerry) - let it be ME !!!
    11-15-2012 08:53 AM
  21. zippox180#AC's Avatar
    Seeing how I have att this would be the perfect phone.
    11-15-2012 08:54 AM
  22. bduran727's Avatar
    I'm going to buy one anyway, but I would really appreciate winning one!
    11-15-2012 08:55 AM
  23. batrad's Avatar
    i have never won a device .. will this be my lucky week ?
    11-15-2012 08:55 AM
  24. frabas1's Avatar
    i will love to win this as i have never won anything from AC
    11-15-2012 08:55 AM
  25. CalebW07's Avatar
    Hey Jerry,

    Please make me an android use by picking me because I need to get away from this 3GS iPhone that I am using!

    11-15-2012 08:56 AM
1,994 ... 2122232425 ...

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