11-23-2012 04:48 AM
1,994 ... 2223242526 ...
  1. mohammedfazeel221097's Avatar
    I would love to win this! Would be a major upgrade from my Captivate
    11-15-2012 08:56 AM
  2. evoANDY's Avatar
    I'm the One...randomly pick me plz!
    11-15-2012 08:57 AM
  3. levelm's Avatar
    I absolutely friggin wanna win the HTC One X+ with all that friggin storage!
    11-15-2012 08:58 AM
  4. jd1ezal's Avatar
    I'm in! Gimme that phone!
    11-15-2012 08:58 AM
  5. barkomatic's Avatar
    I'd love a new One X+! Pick me! Pick me!
    11-15-2012 08:58 AM
  6. redmondweigant's Avatar
    I want to win a freaking HTC One X+ -- the very same One (seewhatididthere) the one you can't win. Dammit.
    11-15-2012 08:59 AM
  7. jeric71's Avatar
    I'd love to win this! It's an amazing phone and the sense camera kicks butt.
    11-15-2012 08:59 AM
  8. arwaldon4's Avatar
    I'd like to leave iOS a use this!!!! JB!
    11-15-2012 08:59 AM
  9. chrisfl1963's Avatar
    Sweet, today is my Birthday and this would be very nice to win. My Atrix 2 will not get Jelly Bean, so this would be great. Thanks for the great Podcast and web site and forums.
    11-15-2012 08:59 AM
  10. x5denali's Avatar
    Would love this b/c of the expanded storage and bigger battery. Both reasons I abandoned my OG HOX on AT&T.
    11-15-2012 09:00 AM
  11. earlthepearl's Avatar
    I'd try out a One X+ for free, heck why not?
    11-15-2012 09:00 AM
  12. Dave Simpson's Avatar
    I would like to win this beauty to give to my daughter, or maybe keep for myself.
    11-15-2012 09:00 AM
  13. mrholzapfel's Avatar
    me want! JB AOKP is starting to get a little sluggish on my G-Nex.
    11-15-2012 09:00 AM
  14. blak8830's Avatar
    Another chance to win a high end phone - I'm in!
    11-15-2012 09:00 AM
  15. juvogel's Avatar
    I would love to ditch this stupid iPhone I have! I hate it!
    11-15-2012 09:01 AM
  16. deadkenny64's Avatar
    Yes, I want to win a freakin' awesome phone.
    11-15-2012 09:01 AM
  17. Donoghan's Avatar
    I would love to get my grubby paws on that freakin' One X+. Count me in!
    11-15-2012 09:01 AM
  18. mstrblueskys's Avatar
    AH! This would be so awesome! Here's me if I win it!

    Win an AT&T HTC One X+ (US only)-8059560904_9246c773d2_z.jpg
    11-15-2012 09:01 AM
  19. cb2002's Avatar
    The one and only
    11-15-2012 09:01 AM
  20. just_another_android_guy's Avatar
    I never win anything, would love to win one. Ive always used a HTC
    11-15-2012 09:02 AM
  21. lolphone's Avatar
    I'd love to win a One X+!

    11-15-2012 09:02 AM
  22. tortaceo's Avatar
    I would love to win, so I can sell it so I could buy a galaxy note 2

    Sent from my SGH-T999
    11-15-2012 09:02 AM
  23. Erndawg89's Avatar
    I would love to win an HTC One X+! I need a new phone!
    11-15-2012 09:02 AM
  24. technogadget's Avatar
    Thanks Jerry! I want it!! Everything I do is from my mobile and I need a fast one!!
    11-15-2012 09:02 AM
  25. mothy's Avatar
    I want to win it because my wife's stuck with a crappy blackberry and I could win some brownie points for Christmas : )
    11-15-2012 09:03 AM
1,994 ... 2223242526 ...

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