11-23-2012 04:48 AM
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  1. Jeremy Hluchan's Avatar
    I want to win a HTC One x+ because I want to give it to my new fiance (Just Proposed). She is rocking an old HTC vivid.
    11-16-2012 11:02 PM
  2. thmst30's Avatar
    I may buy one, but I'd MUCH rather win one!
    11-16-2012 11:11 PM
  3. shapeshiftsix's Avatar
    I would freaking love to win a one x+!

    Sent from my SAMSUNG-SGH-I747 using Android Central Forums
    11-16-2012 11:17 PM
  4. sellers86's Avatar
    I want to win a freakin HTC one x+!

    Sent from my HTC One V using Android Central Forums
    11-16-2012 11:27 PM
  5. aboveaverage12's Avatar
    Thanks for the contest.
    11-17-2012 12:45 AM
  6. perithimus's Avatar
    I would looooooooove to win an HTC One X+
    11-17-2012 02:01 AM
  7. krslira's Avatar
    Hey Jerry. I have a two year old Motorola Atrix 4G and I don't know if you know already but Motorola cancelled our Ice Cream Sandwich update so now we're stuck on Gingerbread. That's pretty much why I would like to win this One X+, so I'm not stuck with an outdated phone. :b
    11-17-2012 02:53 AM
  8. jstillman's Avatar
    I'd love to win a One X+!
    11-17-2012 05:52 AM
  9. spartanthree's Avatar
    i'd love to win this phone!
    11-17-2012 06:33 AM
  10. radres82's Avatar
    I want to win this phone!
    11-17-2012 07:01 AM
  11. r_diaz13's Avatar
    Yes.. i would love one of these.... my phone is about to die. I was hoping ATT was going to have some good sales for veterans days but nothing. Not even a military discount... but please AC..... sign me up
    11-17-2012 07:02 AM
  12. Chris Awad's Avatar
    I want a freaking HTC One X+!

    PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!! PICK ME!!!
    11-17-2012 08:08 AM
  13. Mr. Toad's Avatar
    Would like a HTC phone

    Sent from my SCH-I535 using Tapatalk 2
    11-17-2012 08:16 AM
  14. neznet's Avatar
    I want to win an AT&T HTC One X+!
    11-17-2012 08:44 AM
  15. sly's Avatar
    Yes, I want to win the X+! It'll be like Christmas on Thanksgiving
    11-17-2012 09:21 AM
  16. tarn451's Avatar
    I would like to win. It will be an excellent gift for my daughter

    Sent from my EVO LTE using Android Central Forums
    11-17-2012 09:34 AM
  17. johnp888's Avatar
    i want to win a freaking HTC One X+!
    11-17-2012 10:06 AM
  18. weezel's Avatar
    OK I want to win that freakin HTC OneX+...DAMMIT!!
    11-17-2012 10:16 AM
  19. ageoff's Avatar
    I want a htc one x+, please

    Sent from my MB612 using Android Central Forums
    11-17-2012 10:21 AM
  20. Gkins3's Avatar
    Good luck all. I would love love love to get a new HTC One X! Still looking to replace that ole Blackberry!
    11-17-2012 10:34 AM
  21. Aj Soriano's Avatar
    I would love to get the HTC One X+. I just recently bought a Nexus 7 and love the android os.
    11-17-2012 10:59 AM
  22. lucyderojas's Avatar
    You'll make one really happy person by giving away this great phone.
    11-17-2012 11:08 AM
  23. cremains's Avatar
    I always participate on contest but never win anything!
    Let's give it another try
    I have the HTC Inspire 4G still and really need an upgrade!
    Been wanting to get my hands on the HTC One X+ ever since it was announce here on Android Central.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Thank you so much for the contest. Awesome stuff.
    11-17-2012 11:17 AM
  24. Infernal7's Avatar
    Winning this would change my life!
    11-17-2012 11:57 AM
  25. aklidic's Avatar
    yes please.
    11-17-2012 11:58 AM
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