12-04-2012 07:18 AM
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  1. epps720's Avatar
    I'm in
    12-03-2012 10:11 AM
  2. staindone's Avatar
    Show me the money!

    Or card, either way is fine
    12-03-2012 10:12 AM
  3. dprice95's Avatar
    need gift card!
    12-03-2012 10:12 AM
  4. raedchen's Avatar
    let's do it!
    12-03-2012 10:12 AM
  5. smhism's Avatar
    Here I go shamelessly entering another contest on AC...
    12-03-2012 10:13 AM
  6. northend999's Avatar
    Merry Dec 3rd everybody.
    12-03-2012 10:13 AM
  7. Mr.Gadget's Avatar
    Count me in!
    12-03-2012 10:13 AM
  8. jackmei2's Avatar
    leaving a post
    12-03-2012 10:13 AM
  9. djkleric's Avatar
    Good Luck!
    12-03-2012 10:13 AM
  10. davey11's Avatar
    God bless America!
    12-03-2012 10:14 AM
  11. Ziptied's Avatar
    in it to win it day 3
    12-03-2012 10:14 AM
  12. turtleparadise's Avatar
    Yes please!
    12-03-2012 10:14 AM
  13. omarz83's Avatar
    It's the time of year for giving. So please give me that gift card!!!!!
    12-03-2012 10:15 AM
  14. mobrules's Avatar
    In like flynn
    12-03-2012 10:15 AM
  15. Shimmy's Avatar
    Tryin again
    12-03-2012 10:16 AM
  16. Caloy9's Avatar
    12-03-2012 10:16 AM
  17. Outrager's Avatar
    Count me in
    12-03-2012 10:16 AM
  18. KingOfIllinois's Avatar
    12-03-2012 10:17 AM
  19. Ryan P's Avatar
    Another day another entry!
    12-03-2012 10:17 AM
  20. ppillow's Avatar
    Day number 3!! I hope everyone is having a good December!!
    12-03-2012 10:17 AM
  21. verymadworld1988's Avatar
    Man, I wish Google Play had porn so I could spend that $10 wisely...
    SpookDroid likes this.
    12-03-2012 10:17 AM
  22. dewey32399's Avatar
    Oh please let me win once!
    12-03-2012 10:18 AM
  23. radiohawk's Avatar
    Awesomeness again from AC... enter me, then pick me!!
    12-03-2012 10:18 AM
  24. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Here's my entry for today (Fingers crossed)
    12-03-2012 10:19 AM
  25. keldognuts's Avatar
    We're giving away a $10 Google Play Gift Card every day this month! And from Dec. 1-8, we're doing it here in the forums. That actually means you've got eight chances to enter this week, as each day counts as a separate drawing. Huzzah!

    Here's the entry thread for Dec. 3. Just leave a post in this thread to be entered to win.

    And we're not stopping at Christmas, oh, no. We're gonna keep going, straight on through Phil's birthday (there's a not so subtle hint) and into New Year's Eve. That's one $10 Google Play Gift Card each day this month.

    Winners will be notified by e-mail, and we'll announce 'em each week on the blog. We'll pick the grand-prize winner on Jan. 1, 2013.

    Now, the semi-bad news: Gift cards are still pretty limited in where they can be used. In other words, this one's pretty much U.S.-only, as far as redeeming the gift cards is concerned. We hate that as much as you do. If that stops our non-U.S. friends from entering, we understand. But we won't let that keep you from being eligible for the grand-prize drawing. So if you win a daily contest, you're entered for the phone, no matter where you live.

    Good luck, everybody!

    (More deets here: Stuff your stocking with Android Central! | Android Central)
    Hope I win one of these at some point in my life
    12-03-2012 10:20 AM
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