12-19-2012 06:21 AM
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  1. Tails975's Avatar
    This is what I call "tablet" right now. My 4th Generation 32GB iPod Touch. I have never owned a tablet, but I have really wanted one ever since the iPad was unveiled in 2010. If I win this contest, I will love the Nexus 7, as it looks like the perfect tablet without getting too big. Good luck to everyone!
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-img_0944.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:20 PM
  2. martidpAU's Avatar
    Thanks guys! Excuse the poor pic of my Galaxy Nexus... It was taken by my gf's iPhone 4 (smh)

    12-18-2012 09:21 PM
  3. henry guz's Avatar
    My Galaxy Nexus I sure can use a Nexus 7
    12-18-2012 09:21 PM
  4. Drucifer007's Avatar
    My HP Touchpad running Cyanogenmod 9.
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-img_1250-1-.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:22 PM
  5. xd1936's Avatar
    I have a foot in each door!

    12-18-2012 09:23 PM
  6. johnowoss's Avatar
    My HTC droid DNA needs a jelly bean partner .
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-image.jpg   Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-image.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:23 PM
  7. morejunkmail01's Avatar
    My original GS. Need to upgrade ASAP. Please let me win something!
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-img_20121218_221824-1-.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:23 PM
  8. batrad's Avatar
    save me ... please

    My Blackberry 9900
    12-18-2012 09:23 PM
  9. mmtowns's Avatar
    Optimus V!
    12-18-2012 09:23 PM
  10. brockpsu's Avatar
    Wow, there are a lot of replies on this one! My RAZR MAXX!

    Sent from my DROID RAZR using Android Central Forums
    12-18-2012 09:24 PM
  11. Purgatory's Avatar
    Woooo Nexus!
    12-18-2012 09:24 PM
  12. filpi614's Avatar
    Seriously need some help here, guys. Would love a 21st Century device!

    Hopefully that worked...
    12-18-2012 09:25 PM
  13. jhonjjj's Avatar
    I am in

    12-18-2012 09:25 PM
  14. smokenbiskits's Avatar
    Hope I win
    12-18-2012 09:26 PM
  15. Tigger76's Avatar
    Sign me up. My Nexus 10 has been asking for a little brother...

    Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-my-nexus-10_2012-12-18.jpg
    12-18-2012 09:26 PM
  16. neiander's Avatar
    My happy GN
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-img_20121218_222349.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:26 PM
  17. Eric Golden's Avatar
    Phil and the gang,

    I really need a new tablet. My iPad 1 is so old!!!


    Thank you guys!!
    12-18-2012 09:28 PM
  18. kgbj83's Avatar
    My Sprint Galaxy Note II

    Sent from my SPH-L900 using Tapatalk 2
    12-18-2012 09:28 PM
  19. imtravis's Avatar
    Would be fun to add to the Android family here.. maybe outdo the Apple side of the house (may have to disown the wife if she keeps up with the Apple love).
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-img_0011.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:28 PM
  20. thefunkybat's Avatar
    Droid Razr Maxx. Hoping to own my first tablet soon.
    12-18-2012 09:29 PM
  21. hairbytj's Avatar
    Og nexus s! I need some new equipment!
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-20121218_192407.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:29 PM
  22. hoopstarrr23's Avatar

    Motorola Xoom
    Galaxy Nexus LTE
    and BlackBerry PlayBook (Yes I support Mobile Nations!)

    ...and hopefully the Nexus 7
    12-18-2012 09:29 PM
  23. tcm1969's Avatar
    Pick me please!!
    Attached Thumbnails Nexus 7-a-day giveaway - Dec. 18-2012-12-18-20.13.03.jpg  
    12-18-2012 09:30 PM
  24. woojinpark3's Avatar

    my vzn gnex and my soon to be nexus7!!!
    12-18-2012 09:30 PM
  25. gollyzila's Avatar
    HP Touchpad. It's not even supposed to be running Android.
    12-18-2012 09:31 PM
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