12-20-2012 09:11 AM
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  1. Sean Hooper's Avatar
    There once was a Darklord Apple, that tried to rule the world.
    Prophecy fortold a green one, would one day rule.
    Android stepped up, but Apple did not want down.
    Each of the other fighting for the device crown.
    To this day the battle rages, neither giving in untill the other is gone.
    12-19-2012 03:36 PM
  2. davidpsalter's Avatar
    There once was a free Nexus 7
    On a scale of 1 to 10, an eleven
    It's not from Apple
    Those things are crapple
    To win one is manna from heaven
    12-19-2012 03:36 PM
  3. thinksInCode's Avatar
    My wife got an iPhone for me
    But it did not support NFC
    I asked my friend Lloyd
    A most helpful android
    And got an Xperia Z
    12-19-2012 03:36 PM
  4. BioFanatic's Avatar
    Called carrier without a fuss,
    They said that your next phones on us,
    Can I get the GS3?
    Yes, well give it for free!
    And I didnt even need to cuss!

    True story!
    12-19-2012 03:36 PM
  5. Steamedcurry's Avatar
    Android is really quite sweet
    Nothing can even complete
    Get that bloatware off of me
    Oh? A nexus 7 i see?
    Please, AC give me a treat!

    12-19-2012 03:37 PM
  6. jwade's Avatar
    To be given a free Nexus 7,
    I think that would surely be heaven!
    So, this limerick I wrote,
    and posted this note,
    On the Forums that go to Eleven!

    (I think I originally posted this is the wrong place. Oops!)
    ~ Jay
    12-19-2012 03:37 PM
  7. Gforce083's Avatar
    Always the butt of an iSheep joke,
    My Galaxy Nexus they like to poke;
    Oh how they've been misled,
    By an Apple marketing head,
    And to my Galaxy Nexus, they soon awoke.
    12-19-2012 03:37 PM
  8. grannie3's Avatar
    There once was a grannie named frannie
    Who wanted to impress with her Jelly......Bean that is
    So Phil, help make grannie's dream come true
    Send a Nexus 7 to her and she will no longer be blue
    12-19-2012 03:37 PM
  9. mr.wizard's Avatar
    I once had a need for a tablet
    How nice it would be just to have it
    So try, as I may
    I'll post every day
    In hopes that one day I can grab it
    12-19-2012 03:37 PM
  10. ybcthanerd's Avatar
    there once was a google play app
    That gave ol' apple a slap
    Apple came back with a lawsuit
    But tha court system gave em tha boot
    While I sit with a nexus 7 in my lap
    12-19-2012 03:38 PM
  11. trooperoutlaw's Avatar
    There once was a company named Google.
    They made a tablet even for the frugal.
    It was small and light.
    The size was just right.
    If I win, I'll play the bugle.
    ap1618#AC likes this.
    12-19-2012 03:38 PM
  12. pahern's Avatar
    There once was a tablet from Google
    At once powerful and yet quite frugal.
    It purred and it raced
    And did it with taste
    And never a soul did it scroogle.

    (I swear your Honor, I was working on that limerick with "Google" and "frugal" long before posting it and seeing the one above it! PS: Don't tell my boss, I'm at work!)
    12-19-2012 03:38 PM
  13. Gator352's Avatar
    I need this nexus right now...
    For the wife keeps asking me how...
    I tell her it's simple like popping a pimple...
    So now I'll get no chow...
    12-19-2012 03:38 PM
  14. exilis's Avatar
    Android Central runs a small competition
    Where users par take in a mission
    Nexus 7's to be won
    Before Christmas is Done
    So make this my little submission
    epps720 likes this.
    12-19-2012 03:38 PM
  15. nhyper's Avatar
    There once was a Nexus 7
    In my hands it felt like heaven
    When I walk down the street
    I laugh when I see
    An Apple sheep convention!

    Edit: Structure fail (now with a near rhyme!)
    12-19-2012 03:39 PM
  16. ap1618#AC's Avatar
    The time of Christmas
    makes me restless
    I like the Nexus
    Hope you have excess
    It would give my holidays some substance
    12-19-2012 03:39 PM
  17. epps720's Avatar
    There once was a man named Tim Cook
    Who's ideas were that of a rook
    His OS got so stale
    And now they all fail
    Now we all give Android the look
    12-19-2012 03:39 PM
  18. NateDogg's Avatar
    I really want a Phablet,
    or maybe a Nexus tablet,
    my Wife said I couldn't have it,
    how ever can I live life without it?

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Android Central!
    12-19-2012 03:40 PM
  19. gaphair's Avatar
    There once was an Android from Nexus
    And a guy used it from Texas
    It was amazing to be seen
    Cause it had Jelly Bean
    And he kept it from all of his Exes!
    12-19-2012 03:40 PM
  20. boristhebad's Avatar
    There once was a robot named Lloyd
    Who told us about our Android
    While we wait for a date
    For a JB update
    We vent in his fora, annoyed.
    12-19-2012 03:40 PM
  21. Veridor's Avatar
    Oh Nexus, my Nexus,
    Come hither, my precious.
    Sleek 7 inches of fun,
    acceptable even for a nun.
    Jelly Bean is quite precocious.
    12-19-2012 03:41 PM
  22. lou2cool88's Avatar
    There once was an OS called Android
    Whose utility no one could avoid
    It gained Photo Sphere
    And Google Now this year
    So with my phone I'm never annoyed.
    12-19-2012 03:41 PM
  23. ReverendJoe67's Avatar
    There was once a tablet from Google,
    whose price was really quite frugal.
    Despite its seven-inch size
    (and much to no one's surprise),
    it's way more useful than a comparably-priced bugle!
    12-19-2012 03:42 PM
  24. marcodif's Avatar
    My Droid X2 sports 3G slow,
    Ice Cream Sandwich upgrade is definitely a no-go,
    I really hated the implementation of Gingerbread,
    That Android OS version is really dead,
    Now I'm excited that Jelly Bean is here 'cause I got some cash to blow!
    12-19-2012 03:42 PM
  25. fredo166's Avatar
    I'd love to win a new Android device
    so I can continue on with my new vice
    Playing Angry Birds
    coming up with Words
    on a 7 inch screen sure would be nice
    12-19-2012 03:43 PM
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