12-23-2012 06:57 AM
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  1. jtown4321's Avatar
    I am just happy to exist! Of all the odds in the verse!
    12-23-2012 12:23 AM
  2. allsighs's Avatar
    Better late than never...Best Android website out there. Keep up the work in 2013 gents!
    12-23-2012 12:25 AM
  3. bhamcommuter's Avatar
    My friend Josh is a really cool fellow... I like to see him laugh.
    12-23-2012 12:25 AM
  4. iLOVEhead's Avatar
    my family members are awesome during the holidays!
    12-23-2012 12:25 AM
  5. d3lta's Avatar
    Firstly, I must say that Android-central is super awesome for running such a giveaway. However, since androidcentral is not a person, I'd also love to mention my super-awesome girlfriend. Her beauty, personality, and sense of adventure makes me endlessly happy. Most important though, her love makes me so happy!

    12-23-2012 12:26 AM
  6. oldmonkey's Avatar
    I can say that everybody i have met has some great qualities that i would love to have...not all of their qualities, but at least one or two. Everybody has at least a little something in them that is good and worth sharing.
    12-23-2012 12:26 AM
  7. Ahmed Bakir's Avatar
    my brother always been their for me all those times,my friends always keep me laughing even over the stupidest things, my love ......well i love her
    12-23-2012 12:27 AM
  8. Convert2's Avatar
    Thanks to all who bring peace.
    12-23-2012 12:28 AM
  9. Jomix24's Avatar
    JGL, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, is my favorite actor. He brings every character that he portrays to life and he gives it his all. From the Cobra Commander in G.I. Joe, which was awkward for me because I wanted to like the movie because of him, to Robin in the last Batman film his passion for the craft shines through to the audience. Keep up the good work and hopefully we'll see JGL reprise his role as Robin in the upcoming Justice League film.
    -Jomix24 a.k.a. XXiV
    12-23-2012 12:28 AM
  10. willypohill's Avatar
    I've seen my best friend every day since coming home for the holidays, and his friendship is one of the greatest gifts I could ask for.
    12-23-2012 12:30 AM
  11. paulr24's Avatar
    Can I thank Google? They got me my Nexus 4 before most people and made me feel special (sorry everyone who doesn't have theirs yet!)
    12-23-2012 12:31 AM
  12. crespen's Avatar
    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to everyone in the world! Peace on earth and all that jazz... I love my family!
    12-23-2012 12:32 AM
  13. eugenehj's Avatar
    I have been a fan of Mobile Nations way back when I had a Palm Pre. Thanks for keeping up up to date on the latest news across all mobile device platforms. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

    Sent from my EVO using Android Central Forums
    12-23-2012 12:32 AM
  14. juustin56's Avatar
    Happy Holidays everybody! I can't wait to spend mine with my girlfriend Alexzza and hopefully a new Nexus 7 Cheers!
    12-23-2012 12:33 AM
  15. winsettr's Avatar
    You guys are awesome! Seriously, all of y'all! Happy holidays :-)

    Sent from my Barnes & Noble Nook Tablet using Tapatalk 2
    12-23-2012 12:33 AM
  16. hole94's Avatar
    Merry Christmas to all!! Thanks to my amazing wife, son and family for always being there for me and thanks to Android Central for keeping me up to date with what's going on in the Android world. And for hopefully giving me a new Nexus 7 as my first tablet.
    12-23-2012 12:33 AM
  17. bertwgreen's Avatar
    Love to everyone in the world. Especially the folks at Google.
    12-23-2012 12:34 AM
  18. mysticaly4u's Avatar
    working at a big ivy school in New Haven, Ct. It amazes me how the students there give back a lot more to the community than most people think, from working in soup kitchens, to clothe drives, than going around the area and giving it to the less fortunate.
    12-23-2012 12:35 AM
  19. sdlenhert's Avatar
    I feel blessed to have such an awesome wife and children! They have such a serving heart and are so giving. I'm one of the most blessed husband and father!
    12-23-2012 12:35 AM
  20. asians's Avatar
    Happy Holidays to everyone here.
    12-23-2012 12:35 AM
  21. nhpreplus's Avatar
    I love my family and wish them all the happiest of holidays!
    12-23-2012 12:35 AM
  22. Tipton21's Avatar
    I have an Amazing brother and system.
    12-23-2012 12:36 AM
  23. Chze Wen's Avatar
    Appreciate all the moments in your life.
    Happy holiday guys!
    12-23-2012 12:37 AM
  24. jesusfirst's Avatar
    There's no place like home. There's no place like home... especially if I had a Nexus 7 waiting for me there! You guys rock!!
    12-23-2012 12:38 AM
  25. TheSol's Avatar
    Thanks to all the people,they have been provided the things to make me live happy life.
    12-23-2012 12:38 AM
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