12-23-2012 06:57 AM
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  1. derichio02's Avatar
    Winter holidays are my favorite. Family and friends come together and celebrate with each other. Happy holidays to all

    Sent from my Galaxy Note II with Tapatalk 2
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  2. w5cyc's Avatar
    Phil and Jerry are my favorite androiders!
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  3. neve's Avatar
    This place is awesome and I wish everyone a happy holiday.
    Easy does it, world.
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  4. creiij's Avatar
    I love your podcast!

    Also, my 2 year old daughter won't let anyone use the iPad when she is near so I need another tablet. =)
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  5. droid1way's Avatar
    My wife is a great woman to put up with me for 20 years
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  6. faceless's Avatar
    Mitt Romney has great hair!
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  7. jjpointer's Avatar
    I am reminded during the holidays of the sacrifices our service members and their families make every day that allow the rest of us to enjoy this time with our loved ones. Thank you!
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  8. Roger Boese's Avatar
    To my wife who looks good, cooks good and smiles better.
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  9. lefty55's Avatar
    I want to say thank you to my wonderful children that have been very understanding the past few years.
    12-22-2012 02:53 PM
  10. von11's Avatar
    You folks are a great group - always so giving!
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  11. DeadRinga's Avatar
    To my family, you are the most amazing people ever!
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  12. 222psm's Avatar
    Love my 3 month old baby boy!
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  13. Arasin's Avatar
    I am an amateur developer, and throughout trying to transition from my former to career to making gadgets my second, I have had incredible friends and family to help me a long the way. I wouldn't be able to do what I love without their support (financially as well) They are the most amazing group of people I have ever known. I feel very blessed to have so much unconditional love. I wish everyone a happy holiday and hope they have the same kind of love and support that I do, We all need it. Hold you family and friends close people.

    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  14. RetiredJedi's Avatar
    My wife and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and I love her more now than I did when we first met. We got married at 19 and no one thought it would last. She is my best friend. I can't think of a better anniversary present for her than a 7

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    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  15. swagsaunders's Avatar
    I'm thankful for my family and friends!

    Sent from my Galaxy Nexus using Android Central Forums
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  16. geo-droid's Avatar
    I love that my 6 year old son thinks my Android tablet is better than my wife's iPad mini. He is a great son and I love sharing technology with him.
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  17. beezie916's Avatar
    My 49ers are doing great....we all survived the apocalypse....and Happy Holidays to all....and hey all you fellow Android owners and users...we ROCK!!!!
    12-22-2012 02:54 PM
  18. Kasnicov's Avatar
    My best friends are amazing! Hope to show them how amazing that tablet is
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  19. jparker71's Avatar
    I have an awesome wife. She is really quite amazing.
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  20. hairbytj's Avatar
    I have the greatest and most supportive husband in the world. I also work withan amazing staff. And my family members are all tons of fun!
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  21. Sulaiman Al Sharrad's Avatar
    I would love to win ,,,, Android FTW
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  22. nichfurt's Avatar
    I think the world would be safer without guns. People are good and do not need these things to death.
    I love you all!
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  23. feedDunk's Avatar
    My parents are in town for the holidays and bring joy and happiness to me and my family. The smiles they bring to my kids is priceless.
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  24. 51fireman's Avatar
    I love my sweet wife. She is my life. I am
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
  25. Atlis's Avatar
    Haven't felt the Xmas Spirit in years. Thanks to my girlfriend, I do this year. Wish you all the same!
    12-22-2012 02:55 PM
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