04-18-2013 07:22 PM
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  1. ehTuBrutus's Avatar
    Video shot with my trusty Samsung Galaxy Nexus....time for something new I hope.
    04-11-2013 12:50 AM
  2. rodolfoaz's Avatar

    Sorry for my english, not my native language.

    Also, good luck for everyone.
    04-11-2013 01:37 AM
  3. raju130000's Avatar
    04-11-2013 01:41 AM
  4. Radikal's Avatar
    my submission is in character. Sorry I said NEXUS a few times, i was referring to my nexus s that has treated me well but aged.

    EDIT: i did a video but the audio from my phone was pretty bad. I may have to re do one
    04-11-2013 02:23 AM
  5. adazamim's Avatar
    Hello there, Android Central,
    Thank you, Phil, for the contest.
    Here's my entry,

    04-11-2013 02:34 AM
  6. MunMaRu's Avatar

    I have the Asus Padfone 2 that I can't find any custom roms for this phone and I was tired of the asus official roms. If I had that HTC one I could find some nice custom rom to flash it into this beautiful phones. As it is a developer developer edition, I can do anything on this phones as I want. I don't want to live in the cage of manufacturer. PS. I know you might be curious about my Padfone. It was stolen about 5 day ago in the restuarant. I hope I will win this contest.
    Thank you for watching my video and Sorry for my English
    04-11-2013 03:59 AM
  7. iamtron's Avatar

    I want to win the HTC One because when Verizon locked the bootloader on my original droid and then never updated it again, I knew I didn't want a phone that could happen to again.
    04-11-2013 06:43 AM
  8. charlie hustle's Avatar
    04-11-2013 07:07 AM
  9. Reece Tam's Avatar

    Here's my entry, and I really hope I win...
    Good luck to everybody!
    04-11-2013 08:16 AM
  10. rmreagle's Avatar

    Hey thanks for another awesome giveaway AC. Every morning the first thing I do when I get to work is open up AC and read all the articles since the day before! Would have uploaded this yesterday but didn't have time to shoot the video. I listen to the podcast every week too!
    04-11-2013 08:27 AM
  11. nicolas90's Avatar

    Htc One :X
    04-11-2013 09:25 AM
  12. JaredMayfield33's Avatar

    Hey AC guys, please let me be the chosen ONE, (pardon the pun) really want the htc one especially the extra storage as cloud isn't that good down under with our limited data plans, and the only place I can buy one is eBay.
    04-11-2013 10:28 AM
  13. katedrala's Avatar
    Never owned any smartphones by now, so let's try to win one:

    04-11-2013 10:32 AM
  14. Austin Barber's Avatar

    What's all this then? We're not just giving away an HTC One. Oh, no. If we're going to give away one 2013's hottest smartphones, we're going to give away one of the most desired versions of it. So you, dear reader are not vying for a mere HTC One. You're going to get the chance to win your very own developer version of the HTC One. That's the one whose bootloader is beyond the reach of meddlesome carrier politics. That's the one with the full 64 gigabytes of storage.
    You're probably dying to read ahead, looking for bullet points on how to enter.
    How to enter to win a 64GB HTC One developer version!

    This is a whole lotta phone, so we're gonna make you work for it.

    • Shoot a video of yourself with your current smartphone. Doesn't matter how old and crappy it is. Doesn't matter if it's an iPhone. Or an old BlackBerry. We wanna see your face on the screen. Tell us why you deserve this HTC One developer edition.
    • Upload your video to YouTube. (You can leave it unlisted if you want, and you can delete it after this contest is over.)
    • THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART: Embed your video in this forum thread. Leave us a message along with it if you want, but all you need to do is click the little video button then paste in the link to your video. Easy as pie. (See the pic below if you need help.)
    • Do you live on planet Earth? You may enter this contest. Open to everyone.
    • We'll close the contest at 12:01 a.m. April 17. Plenty of time.

    Get it? Got it? Good. Get to it!

    Attachment 64960
    04-11-2013 11:12 AM
  15. Brandin Chiu's Avatar

    Hey everyone! Thanks again to Android Central for being the authority on everything Android and providing us with opportunities like this to flaunt our nerdiness. No shame, no remorse.

    Good luck to everyone!
    04-11-2013 11:49 AM
  16. samw5's Avatar
    04-11-2013 11:50 AM
  17. flan's Avatar
    Leandro Gomes likes this.
    04-11-2013 01:41 PM
  18. dsandman87's Avatar
    Crap... My Galaxy S's camera hasn't worked for 2 years...
    04-11-2013 02:17 PM
  19. FaisDogg's Avatar

    Thanks Phil, this is why I love Android Central. I would love to win this phone, I'm a huge fan of HTC as a manufacturer, and can't wait to have my hands on this beauty.
    04-11-2013 03:13 PM
  20. JJDigitized's Avatar

    Help me change my bad luck with phones!
    04-11-2013 03:41 PM
  21. BarneyDroid's Avatar

    Here is my submission. (Taken with a Nexus 10)
    04-11-2013 04:27 PM
  22. heelanaya's Avatar
    noticed everybody else had a better phone then mine am i the only one with an outdated phone?
    04-11-2013 04:50 PM
  23. Saivamsikrishna Pasupuleti's Avatar

    My Entry Video Through Vine. Android Central
    04-11-2013 05:21 PM
  24. prnk28's Avatar

    Remember I would tell you the Idea but i wouldnt want anybody taking it now
    04-11-2013 05:23 PM
  25. Philip Levis's Avatar

    I'd love to get rid of this iphone and be back on team android. Plus the HTC one is the bees knees!
    hi premium1 , if you want to get rid of your iphone , . Please send your iphone to me.
    04-11-2013 05:36 PM
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