05-08-2013 03:35 AM
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  1. lolalolita_'s Avatar
    My hobby is photography. My birthday is on Mon so hopefully i win Thanks for the contest and the awesome job u have been doing. I couldnt record it on my blackberry because the sd card slot isnt working

    04-27-2013 02:18 PM
  2. Tito Moyela's Avatar

    Sorry about the long as time itself video. I was going to redraw Michelle properly when I could actually see a picture of her but, it would have taken too long to edit the picture into the video and the contest would have been over by then because the laptop I have access to is SLOW AND LAGGY.

    I have more drawings in other sketchbooks but I gave them in to be photocopied.

    Anyway right now I have almost no access to the internet so a new phone would be great. Also I'm a modder and hacker; I help root my friends phones when their phones have passed their prime and it starts to slow downB-). I couldn't show my phone cause its broken and not in one piece. AT LEAST 30 pieces

    Thank you for the opportunity. If Michelle still wants me to do that drawing and email it to her or something later on I can do that :') only way to make up for making her cringe so much at that crappy drawing.

    Ayy I decided that I couldn't leave you with that disgusting drawing so I did another one from your profile picture. I could'nt figure out how to enlarge it therefore I couldn't get much detail; it ended up being a sketch

    I sadly don't have a tripod so i couldn't film myself again, and two videos is probably cheating :'). Anyway heres the sketch.

    It took about 5mins to complete.
    04-28-2013 07:54 AM
  3. medo94's Avatar
    Hey there, here is my video. Sorry for stuttering I'm nervous when I'm talking to camera >.<
    04-28-2013 12:26 PM
  4. osamaelgabry's Avatar
    My hobby is reading so many books
    04-28-2013 01:16 PM
  5. Sanlok's Avatar
    Hi, mi name is Nicolas and I come from Chile, this video shows me doing one of my passions (is the only trick I know lol)

    I have others useless talent that I spent a lot of time to learning them, like spinning a pen in my hand, spin a notebook with my finger, resolve the rubik cube and throw cards. And also I know how to dance merengue!
    04-29-2013 02:57 AM
  6. deadlock4400's Avatar
    As a participant of the androidcentral contest : Show us your talent or hobby and you could win an AT&T HTC One! Here my video goes for androidcentral.
    I love different type of sports and play well. But Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh is over populated and unstructured city, which has very few play ground at present. Reading, writing comments in some tech forum is my hobby, as my work is computer related and I love electronics and new invention of modern science. In this sector, I like androidcentral most !! some other hobbies like- gardening in my small veranda, let birds to stay in my veranda where I made satellite home for them, sometimes draw picture (mostly pencil sketch) but drawing and making video by mobile phone same time is a tough one LOL ! I love my above hobbies.
    Hope I will win this contest and get the AT&T HTC ONE. Of course wish the best of luck for others too. This type of event from androidcentral is very exciting and creative work from androidcentral. Thanks Michelle Haag and thanks a lot androidcentral

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    04-29-2013 09:57 AM
  7. MarkSeven's Avatar

    I'm a Hip Hop artist and part of a group called E.P./O.C. Entertainment. That is me in the striped Polo shirt. We were performing at a local event in Harrisburg, PA. If you like Hip Hop/rap you will definitely enjoy! And if you want to hear more just check us out at E.P./O.C. ENTERTAINMENT! We also have our own YouTube channel: EPOCENT717

    I hope I win! I wanna leave Verizon soon and I will need a new phone! Also my Rezound's video cam function isn't working right anymore :-(
    04-29-2013 10:17 AM
  8. uzmanN5's Avatar
    I made a video for you. Making videos is one my hobbies; not really a talent though. I usually make them for family and friends, but this time I thought of sharing it on YouTube.

    I have a natural talent for technology; hardware, software, modding, firmware upgrading, unlocking - you name it.
    I had a Nokia 1280 but it broke a while back (hard to believe right? ) so as of now I don't have one.
    I collected money for a a while but used it to buy my younger brother (the actor in the movie!) an S3 - I used it to record this movie.

    My parents and I are working hard now to collect money (during this gap year) for me to go to college - If I do, I'll be the first in my generation. So I don't want to bother them to buy me a new phone.
    If I win the HTC one....I'm speechless!!

    In any case,I hope you like the movie. Peace.

    04-29-2013 11:21 AM
  9. chirag_jain's Avatar
    Basically i am a Technology-Lover person. So i love roaming around/reading about latest gadgets and try making best use of it (the ones i own) in my life. Willing to work in social sector with my tech knowledge.
    So here is my entry for the contest :
    04-29-2013 04:31 PM
  10. TechMitchell's Avatar
    Hi, my name is Mitchell and I can play the piano blindfolded. Sorry for the bad quality but my nexus s isn't that bad!!! Thanks for the awesome competition guys, keep it up!!!

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    04-29-2013 05:28 PM
  11. Aaron Bailey's Avatar

    Here is my hobby... Building and flying FPV airplanes. FPV stands for first person video piloting. The model aircraft is equipped with small video camera, and video transmitter and relays the picture back to me, wearing virtual reality goggles.

    It is truly an immersive experience like no other - Real Virtual Reality.


    Good luck all! Some really great vids here!
    04-29-2013 10:39 PM
  12. Anthony Pinto1's Avatar
    I'm Anthony Joseph Pinto ... Ok to start off I'm an HTC Fan and love their phones!! Hmmm my hobbies are playing the Sax, Keyboard , Guitar and the Violin of late ;-) Besides this i Do Lot of video editing and I'm a junior preacher :-) the video i embedded was taken using my awesome HTC Wildfire S but unfortunately of Late i'm having some problems with it cause its become old :-( !!! i've learn't these instruments purely through Ear and i've NOT TAKEN ANY MUSIC LESSONS .... This Video Was Taken A Week After i had Just Got the sax and Learn't it I think its good for a week old saxophonist ;-) The Second Video is the one I made for College ... besides all this I Love inventing new Things Currently Working On a project that has won me and my team several awards its a project to help dumb people to communicate with us (in simple it'll make them feel like they're talking and we'll be able to hear them) hope it'll soon be out in the market!!! So Here you Go!!! Wish i Get the Awesome HTC One !!! Waiting for it :-) almost forgot i'm currently doing my electronics and communication engg :-) take care God Bless !!!.... Tony Thanks advance
    Video 1

    Video 2 (had to lower the quality to upload)
    04-30-2013 12:24 AM
  13. chambers7867's Avatar
    My name is Mat Chambers. I am a program manager for Roush Racing. I also am a software coder on my free time, but when i need to unwind i grab my bike and head to the skatepark. I have been off my bike for about a month because of two hernated discs in my back and this is my first time back. I have been riding bmx for 17 years. This video was taken in a span of a hour with a broken Nexus 4 that i am hoping to replace with the Htc One if i win! Thank you for watching!!
    Edit: I just noticed that i have been a member of this forum since October of 2009 and this is my first post!!! Awesome!
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    04-30-2013 06:38 AM
  14. A Shabeer's Avatar
    My hobby is Muay Thai! had my first amateur fight two weeks ago! here is a link to my training!
    04-30-2013 01:34 PM
  15. mrbanks's Avatar
    My Hobby is playing Call Of Duty, yes this is MW3.
    04-30-2013 03:52 PM
  16. Volkrik's Avatar
    After looking at some of the other amazing videos on here I've realized how slim my chances are... but here goes nothing!! Thanks for the chance I've got, AC! I shot this vid @ MWSU, where I go to school.

    I don't have a phone, so this was shot on my Nexus 10... in a stairwell. LOL.

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    04-30-2013 07:48 PM
  17. Volkrik's Avatar
    Nooo don't feel that way. It's not a competition to see who has the BEST hobby or talent, after all.
    Good thing, cuz there are a LOT of really talented folks on here!
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    04-30-2013 07:57 PM
  18. toonhead85's Avatar

    Sorry for the cut off of the first bit... I said "What's up..."

    Thanks for watching, Thanks to my amazing wife for helping me film with my phone, and Thanks to Android Central (in its entirity) for hosting another chance to get this phone into people's hands.

    Best of Luck to everyone!

    (and FYI, that was my first run through, I didn't plan on the computer winning :P)

    Additionally, I cannot take full credit for designing the game. I had some help from my Object-Oriented Programming class (school) and a book I recently bought (Beginning C++ Through Game Programming; though I have made some changes to the build, it broke it, so I still have a ways to go!).
    04-30-2013 08:00 PM
  19. Grubmeyer's Avatar

    Late to the party, but not too late I hope! Getting this uploaded as quick as I can before work.
    Yes... I'm wearing a pink hockey jersey(cancer awareness). GO ACES! (local hockey team)

    Good luck everyone and thank you Android Central!
    Volkrik likes this.
    04-30-2013 08:07 PM
  20. Volkrik's Avatar
    Late to the party, but not too late I hope! Getting this uploaded as quick as I can before work.
    Yes... I'm wearing a pink hockey jersey(cancer awareness). GO ACES! (local hockey team)

    Good luck everyone and thank you Android Central!
    GO ACES!!! I sang the national anthem with my wife at one of their games! :-] I miss Alaska...
    Grubmeyer likes this.
    04-30-2013 08:28 PM
  21. Leandro Gomes's Avatar
    I'm sorry for the bad quality of the video and the English used the google translator.
    I would not attend the promotion because the other participant videos are better and they are very talented.
    I have no talent, my hobby is what I showed in the video and also chess and get video and seeing sites that talk about android.

    I love android

    wanted so much for this htc one where I live not sell

    I'm sorry for the bad quality.
    04-30-2013 09:03 PM
  22. tgp's Avatar
    Here's my contribution.

    This video was taken awhile ago when I was just starting to play guitar. I need to say that to justify the amateurishness of my playing! The rythym, the strumming, the singing is unorthodox, but I and the boys had a lot of fun!

    And, for the record, I've come a ways since then!

    04-30-2013 09:25 PM
  23. Zach Vasquez's Avatar
    Sorry about my video being private before justchanged it to public. So here it is, me playing charlie Parker's "Laura"
    05-01-2013 12:01 AM
  24. BuJ_14's Avatar
    I want to win this phone to give to my dad as a gift. He uses a two-year old LG Optimus. He would love it. This is me playing the French horn. Its my hobby even though I just started 6 months ago. I really enjoy it. So...

    I don't have a phone so I filmed this on my Nexus ten.
    deadlock4400 likes this.
    05-01-2013 12:09 AM
  25. HumbertoH's Avatar

    I love to play guitar! This is a simple video recorded with my current phone: an International Galaxy S II i9100
    05-01-2013 12:35 AM
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