11-06-2013 10:05 AM
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  1. Richard Helmle's Avatar
    I really, really, really, would like to take a break from life and dive into Android 4.4 on a new Nexus5. Please Android Central, make this happen for me!
    10-31-2013 04:42 PM
  2. r4id3r's Avatar
    Let's try, although my usual luck is near to zero. Won or bought, in any case I can't wait to replace my current Galaxy with Nexus 5.
    10-31-2013 04:42 PM
  3. delrey1900's Avatar
    Nexus 5 contest already! Thanks!!!
    10-31-2013 04:42 PM
  4. simsl's Avatar
    Good luck to all and best of luck to me
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  5. RoinGrindwald's Avatar
    My Gnex is not going to be updated to 4.4 I so want to win.
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  6. the_driver's Avatar
    This is a dream , i need it. I love google and i love google's products. Nexus is the PHONE. Nexus rappresent the future.
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  7. ruslanoid's Avatar
    black or white, i'll love it for what's inside
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  8. Madseja's Avatar
    No play store in Sweden. Trying the central way instead.
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  9. theconnected's Avatar
    Here I am
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  10. Leonardo Okazaki's Avatar
    Pick me pleeease!!!!!!
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  11. BetiZerbait's Avatar
    Yes please, go on!!!

    Sent from my Nexus 4 using Tapatalk
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  12. smileygigglez88's Avatar
    OMG Please Please Please!!
    10-31-2013 04:43 PM
  13. lefear's Avatar
    If I win this I would finally have no reason to stay with verizon
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  14. thetruvic's Avatar
    I love android!
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  15. demasiaduh's Avatar
    Lets cross fingers...

    Sent from my GT-I8150 using AC Forums mobile app
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  16. isdfoa's Avatar
    Hi AndroidCentral,

    I have been an avid reader of this site for a very long time! Never won anything in my life, but hope this is finally my chance
    The Nexus 5 has been the first phone I've ever REALLY wanted since I got my current phone the S3, but unfortunately I can't afford the $350 price tag at the moment, as it's a little too steep for me to handle. The phone if beautiful, and it's even more special coming from a site I visit multiple times daily... Please give me a chance!

    Here is my alphabet-image of the nexus 5! It's the first boot up screen that I will hopefully be seeing soon! hehe

    U_______ANDROID ______U
    S _________4.4__________S
    5______________________ 5
    N______Press Next to_____N
    E _______Start the________E
    X _____Set-up Process____X
    S▓▓▓ ← ▓▓▓ ⌂ ▓▓▓ ≡ ▓▓S
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  17. bvlad's Avatar
    Hey, I want one too!
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  18. rapolinario's Avatar
    Here we go folks. The Nexus 5 is here, and we know you want one... thankfully, Android Central is here to help you out.

    All you need to do is leave a comment in this thread to win one of your very own. We're giving away two Nexus 5's. Both are 32GB, and if you win, you will have your choice of WHITE or BLACK.

    The standard rules apply to this contest:

    • You need to have a legit email address registered at Android Central. If you don't, we can't contact you should you win.
    • Enter ONCE. It's easy for us to tell if you're posting more than once in this thread, so keep it real.
    • If you've won a device from us in the past 12 months, you can't win. We want to share the love a little bit.
    • The contest will stay open until 11:59PM EST on Tuesday, November 5th. At that point we'll shut it down and randomly pick two winners.

    That's all there is to it. Post here and consider yourself entered. Good luck!
    10-31-2013 04:44 PM
  19. int_architect's Avatar
    I...am...so...torn! I have my sights set on the Note 3, but I imagine the Nexus 5 is blazing fast with KitKat and the SD800 SOC! Hopefully, will make this an easier choice...
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  20. juggle's Avatar
    Always down for free hardware!
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  21. Veridor's Avatar
    Now that Straight Talk supports LTE, my Nexus 4 might have to be upgraded. Here's hoping I win, and keep up the great work Phil, Jerry, Alex M, Alex D, and the rest of the AC crew!
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  22. cs0096's Avatar
    Pick me please
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  23. Giillleeee's Avatar
    Nexus is the way to go!
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  24. MajorTankz's Avatar
    I want one!
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
  25. b1g.p0ppa's Avatar
    10-31-2013 04:45 PM
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