11-06-2013 10:05 AM
17,742 ... 319320321322323 ...
  1. ImNoPrince's Avatar
    Yup Yup I so could use the N5
    11-01-2013 07:38 AM
  2. 80_OH's Avatar
    hope i get this one!
    11-01-2013 07:39 AM
  3. Big_Boy3's Avatar
    I need a replacement for my S3.

    Posted via Android Central App
    11-01-2013 07:39 AM
  4. Kiwimoose's Avatar
    Im in
    11-01-2013 07:39 AM
  5. thenenea's Avatar

    Looking forward to see how things have evolved from the Galaxy Nexus I had. Thank you for the opportunity.

    11-01-2013 07:40 AM
  6. Josh McFly's Avatar
    I would love one!!!!!!!
    11-01-2013 07:40 AM
  7. qbert1111's Avatar
    If I will I'll donate my N4 for another contest!
    11-01-2013 07:41 AM
  8. Adavenak's Avatar
    it is like lotery gogogo luck
    11-01-2013 07:42 AM
  9. GaMMeLHaNsy's Avatar
    I'd love to have one of those. Great device and great contest
    11-01-2013 07:43 AM
  10. Sarat Bikkina's Avatar
    Would love to get hands on the Nexus 5 with Kitkat. Count me in.
    11-01-2013 07:43 AM
  11. Dennyjersey's Avatar
    Count me in!

    Win one of two Nexus 5 devices from Android Central!-pwease.jpg
    11-01-2013 07:43 AM
  12. bubadance's Avatar
    Looks great, snappy and i like the KitKat look
    11-01-2013 07:43 AM
  13. nextelfixer's Avatar
    I would love one in black please!
    11-01-2013 07:44 AM
  14. marloncarvalho's Avatar
    I'm in!!!! This N5 is mine!!
    11-01-2013 07:44 AM
  15. Enrico D's Avatar
    Please, consider to give me a Nexus 5 :P
    11-01-2013 07:44 AM
  16. Vish9100's Avatar
    If i got One den my two nexus 4 and galaxy nexus will get a advanced brother :-) .. And will make a nexus Family
    11-01-2013 07:46 AM
  17. Tim Day's Avatar
    Do want.
    11-01-2013 07:46 AM
  18. adam1986uk's Avatar
    This would be an amazing phone to win pick my please

    Sent from my GT-I9305 using AC Forums mobile app
    11-01-2013 07:46 AM
  19. syedjalalt's Avatar
    Just as always, was desperately waiting for Nexus 5. I know its so difficult to win here because of overwhelming demand. But I'll be keeping my fingers crossed. Wish everyone could win but that's not case. Good Luck to everyone. But I hope I win too. Thanks Mobile Nations for the mind blowing coverage of technology news. I will be honest, this is the first time I entered the contest.
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  20. Rafael da Costa's Avatar
    Zillionth time is the charm. I'm gonna get this one.
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  21. schaferan's Avatar
    Thank you Android Central! I would love one!
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  22. josip41's Avatar
    I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina, and really love this nexus 5 I want it, it would be nice to get it, who knows maybe I get it or someone else in this country, good luck to everyone
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  23. Omar AlNounou's Avatar
    good game guys
    it would be super Awesome if i got one
    and hope i win
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  24. houstonwino's Avatar
    Win or lose, that's my next phone!
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
  25. LonestarROB's Avatar
    Don't give me one, I DARE YOU!
    11-01-2013 07:47 AM
17,742 ... 319320321322323 ...

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