12-24-2013 10:21 PM
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  1. shepherd_wood's Avatar
    I honestly don't know which of the two I'd prefer, but I'll happily take either one!
    12-18-2013 04:24 PM
  2. fsoqui's Avatar
    really want one of these.
    12-18-2013 04:24 PM
  3. sanyo1's Avatar
    really good stuff
    12-18-2013 04:25 PM
  4. maximus96's Avatar
    Pick me and brighten up my holidays!
    12-18-2013 04:25 PM
  5. David Sobel's Avatar
    Oh man, the game streaming on the shield though. Just that is enough for me to want one of those.
    12-18-2013 04:25 PM
  6. brokenneverbeat's Avatar
    oh I want to win, i never win and I want one real bad!
    12-18-2013 04:26 PM
  7. Chris Stoffel's Avatar
    I would love to have one of these for my kids! Either one would be great for them!
    12-18-2013 04:26 PM
  8. technacity's Avatar
    I have a fascination with a styli that has never been properly quinched.
    12-18-2013 04:26 PM
  9. benjamin marcus's Avatar
    I would love a Nvidia shield

    Posted via Android Central App
    12-18-2013 04:27 PM
  10. Ron_NYC's Avatar
    Yesss, i'd love to win something for once!
    12-18-2013 04:27 PM
  11. deltamike34's Avatar
    Love me some android gaming. Either of these would be amazing! Me please!!!
    12-18-2013 04:27 PM
  12. Ben Lewis's Avatar
    i'm excited and hope I win
    12-18-2013 04:27 PM
  13. ProfMike's Avatar
    What a wonderful way to thank your customers and get some great word-of-mouth advertising for both companies!
    12-18-2013 04:28 PM
  14. bcornell's Avatar
    I would love to win one of these. The hardware sounds great and I haven't won anything here at AC in all the contests I've entered.
    12-18-2013 04:28 PM
  15. whosit's Avatar
    I would love to win!
    12-18-2013 04:28 PM
  16. pie36's Avatar
    I'll take one!
    12-18-2013 04:28 PM
  17. MMcCraryNJ's Avatar
    The Shield looks awesome, and I would love to win it. Thanks for the great giveaway AC!
    12-18-2013 04:28 PM
  18. yura gee's Avatar
    I would love to win this for my little sister since my family is low on funds and she can really use it for school work
    12-18-2013 04:29 PM
  19. Karvoris Freeman's Avatar
    I would not minda note
    12-18-2013 04:29 PM
  20. Yacer Mirza's Avatar
    I could finally enjoy streaming pc gaming on my giant flat screen tv!
    12-18-2013 04:30 PM
  21. Johnson21x's Avatar
    So many giveaways this year and Still no luck. C'mon Luck work
    12-18-2013 04:30 PM
  22. Walter Hollman's Avatar
    One for me!
    12-18-2013 04:31 PM
  23. polsoft's Avatar
    I would love one for christmas
    12-18-2013 04:32 PM
  24. 7590steve's Avatar
    Getting either if these devices would be amazing! Give me, give me, give me! Gaming would be awesome.

    Sent from my SPH-L720 using Tapatalk
    12-18-2013 04:32 PM
  25. tuvokof9's Avatar
    I want one!
    12-18-2013 04:32 PM
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