05-04-2014 08:30 AM
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  1. Natalie Schilla's Avatar
    I totally need a new phone. This is a great giveaway! Thank you for hosting it.
    04-30-2014 07:19 PM
  2. JoeForilla's Avatar
    Would love to win a new M8 thanks for putting the contest up.
    04-30-2014 07:25 PM
  3. anon(7820633)'s Avatar
    I need a new phone since my nexus 5 broke. Would love to win one!
    04-30-2014 07:59 PM
  4. uiil's Avatar
    Entering and hoping ... reeel hard....
    04-30-2014 08:01 PM
  5. Chungzilla's Avatar
    Ohhhh boy! What pretty little devices you've got there! 😋
    04-30-2014 08:04 PM
  6. ranggawiratno's Avatar
    I totally would like a new free phone to replace my Nexus 4. It's still open right?

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-30-2014 08:17 PM
  7. Erica Weaver's Avatar
    i would love a new phone i always have a android
    04-30-2014 08:23 PM
  8. Andre Bradshaw's Avatar
    PowerAmp was great back in the day. I am sure this is nice too, but I confine myself to Google All-Access.
    I could use a new phone... though I am probably going to order a motoX tonight at 12:01AM.
    04-30-2014 08:37 PM
  9. phillykish's Avatar
    Thanks for the opportunity to win a new phone!
    04-30-2014 08:44 PM
  10. androidkin's Avatar
    I like the look and software of HTC One(m8), besides the Nexus 5.
    04-30-2014 08:46 PM
  11. areopag's Avatar
    Different day, the same Android!
    04-30-2014 08:47 PM
  12. stevegillette1's Avatar
    Thanks, I'd love it!
    04-30-2014 09:09 PM
  13. josemald's Avatar
    Thanks for the contest!
    Either phone would work, but if I had a choice I'd go with the M8.
    04-30-2014 09:44 PM
  14. Rocket Powder's Avatar
    Great contest! Keep up the good work!!!

    Sent from my GT-N7100 using AC Forums mobile app
    04-30-2014 09:44 PM
  15. prohitter5's Avatar
    need one upgrade lol
    04-30-2014 09:55 PM
  16. tintin92's Avatar
    Okay, here goes my attempt!
    04-30-2014 10:12 PM
  17. Raj Korpal's Avatar
    I would pick the HTC One M8!
    04-30-2014 10:20 PM
  18. DadofTwinsClub's Avatar
    I really need a new phone. Being poor sucks!
    04-30-2014 10:22 PM
  19. Sruly J's Avatar
    What a great contest. Hopefully I can replace my S3 which I by mistake ordered a few weeks before the N5 came out :/
    04-30-2014 10:42 PM
  20. James Bang's Avatar
    Hard for hardware!

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-30-2014 10:46 PM
  21. extremenet's Avatar
    I would love a new phone! Thanks!
    04-30-2014 10:47 PM
  22. donpulli's Avatar
    Please pick me for a new phone!!!!!
    04-30-2014 10:58 PM
  23. Rick Espy's Avatar
    I would love a new phone!!!!!
    04-30-2014 11:11 PM
  24. CHAUCH's Avatar
    Need a new Galaxy S5. Woooop

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-30-2014 11:17 PM
  25. CHAUCH's Avatar
    Need a new Galaxy S5 wooop

    Posted via Android Central App
    04-30-2014 11:18 PM
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