08-18-2014 10:51 PM
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  1. rotorammer's Avatar
    Awww, but I really wanted to show y'all muh mountainous manboobs.
    08-13-2014 05:27 AM
  2. michael kraus's Avatar
    I want to make a comparison between my nexus and the ons plus one
    Love it.

    Posted via the Android Central App
    08-13-2014 05:28 AM
  3. Kniphe's Avatar
    This is the closest thing to a NEW nexus for a while, before seeing what Google has to offer, this will replace my Nexus 4 and hopefully work well with the Moto 360 which I will get, this is why I want it
    08-13-2014 05:37 AM
  4. Koushik PSR's Avatar
    Battery performance is what kills it for me. Entered!

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 05:41 AM
  5. hqi1321's Avatar
    Man, good job on putting your foot down on their shameless promotion, and then still giving us the opportunity to get one. Much appreciated :-)

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 05:45 AM
  6. scottfish's Avatar
    I want this phone!
    08-13-2014 05:45 AM
  7. anazhd's Avatar
    Best of luck everyone !
    08-13-2014 05:48 AM
  8. roselinelake's Avatar
    all the best everyone .. would love the luck coming my way though.....Lol
    08-13-2014 05:52 AM
  9. Dallas Rich's Avatar
    I'd like a One Plus simply because of the reviews that I've read on Android Central!
    08-13-2014 05:52 AM
  10. PlaidRadish's Avatar
    I think this phone has a lot to offer, particularly for me in my circumstance, as a diehard Note 2 user for 2 years - I'm anxious to see what else the world of Android has to offer...
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    08-13-2014 05:53 AM
  11. Ray 3G's Avatar
    Completely frankly I'd just like to get rid of my Galaxy S3 which is a major PITA, but I can't afford to buy anything more exciting than, um, Samsung Galaxy S4. OnePlus One looks like it would be much more fun.
    08-13-2014 05:53 AM
  12. xmas88's Avatar
    My HTC One is getting old, so a new one will be welcomed :-) fingers crossed :-)
    08-13-2014 05:55 AM
  13. kaediil's Avatar
    Would love a new phone for my wife who has a cracked S4 screen right now.
    08-13-2014 05:58 AM
  14. Aleksandar Nedyalkov's Avatar
    let's try this
    08-13-2014 05:59 AM
  15. monsieurms's Avatar
    I would love to win because, well, wouldn't everyone? And suddenly Christmas isn't so far away!
    08-13-2014 06:00 AM
  16. Raliffe5's Avatar
    This is such a sweet phone. It would be nice to show up the wife!!!
    08-13-2014 06:00 AM
  17. mayankmk's Avatar
    Looking for a great phone.
    And this looks awesome...

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 06:17 AM
  18. Valdo Escobar Mendoza's Avatar
    I really like my old S3, but I think it is time to change. My wife will like my old S3 too .
    (wow, 128 pages and growing, the winner will be a lucky boy/girl)
    08-13-2014 06:17 AM
  19. middling's Avatar
    I would like this phone because my youngest sister complained when i handed down my Nexus 4 to her older sister when i bought the Nexus 5.

    The OnePlus One seems large enough to shove in her mouth and keep her from griping at me for a while.
    08-13-2014 06:18 AM
  20. Joe Martin5's Avatar
    I'm going away to Austria, but I don't quite think that my Samsung GS3 can do any of the scenery justice, whereas the one camera is brilliant! Been trying to get one of these for a while now.
    08-13-2014 06:18 AM
  21. bb4temo's Avatar
    I really love the idea of this phone. But I agree... Please grow up One Plus... Like asap. But yeah, I'll take one

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 06:19 AM
  22. Mikeric's Avatar
    Great contest, everything I have heard about this phone sounds great.

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 06:21 AM
  23. darrenkingsley's Avatar
    Yes.... invite please!
    08-13-2014 06:23 AM
  24. Lucian Veliman's Avatar
    I considered buying one to replace the ageing Nexus 4, but I think I have a better chance wining it on this contest.
    08-13-2014 06:24 AM
  25. TomDa's Avatar
    thank you for the opportunity to have the chance of winning this exciting phone. fingers crossed #SGN2
    08-13-2014 06:24 AM
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