08-18-2014 10:51 PM
3,774 ... 139140141142143 ...
  1. javierlp's Avatar
    Wouldn't mind this to replace my M7...

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 03:47 PM
  2. Rob Shearer's Avatar
    I'd like a OnePlus One, because (like everyone else here) I enjoy a new gadget every now and then.
    08-13-2014 03:52 PM
  3. joonyboy's Avatar
    Love to work with this beside my parent's nexus 5 and see how they fare.
    08-13-2014 03:54 PM
  4. prediscover's Avatar
    All this one plus nonsense, you'd think they'd be joking; but nope. Great phone though!!
    08-13-2014 03:57 PM
  5. FaTaL_Err0r's Avatar
    It's finally time to change my Optimus G...
    08-13-2014 03:58 PM
  6. Grothee1's Avatar
    I want to pass my nexus 4 down to my little bro
    08-13-2014 04:01 PM
  7. indiangamer007's Avatar
    want it because it's an amazing phone and to be the first in my circle to have one..
    08-13-2014 04:02 PM
  8. immsilva's Avatar
    I would love to win the One Plus One
    08-13-2014 04:10 PM
  9. Huckar00's Avatar
    I would love to have a phone made this decade. I am still using a Droid Max.
    As a user of Cyanogen roms I know I would enjoy this phone.

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 04:10 PM
  10. Evans76's Avatar
    I am a Verizon unlimited data user, my contract is almost over. Verizon is really sticking it to us unlimited users so I would like to stick it to them by going to T-Mobile. Winning this one+one would give me the pleasure of telling verizon to kick rocks!

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 04:14 PM
  11. Blackhawk4's Avatar
    Would be awesome to win this
    08-13-2014 04:21 PM
  12. viper80134's Avatar
    I'll take one thank you.

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 04:27 PM
  13. mrholzapfel's Avatar
    anything is better than my galaxy note II
    08-13-2014 04:39 PM
  14. Kenneth Fosterknmifoster1's Avatar
    I need this phone,my Gs3 #2 refurb is on its last leg.Want to try something besides a Samsung product And this is is it. A opo for a poor black man please💫✌
    08-13-2014 04:41 PM
  15. LadyDi's Avatar
    I would like to win this phone because it is a new brand with promise once it gets past the newness. It's unique and I like most of what I've read about it as far as specifications. Thank you Android Central for the contest!!
    08-13-2014 04:46 PM
  16. Lance Hutchison1's Avatar
    I don't want I need this phone I can't afford a phone like this it would be nice.

    Sent from my SM-N900T using AC Forums mobile app
    08-13-2014 04:47 PM
  17. mifos's Avatar
    I would love to win the One Plus One
    08-13-2014 04:48 PM
  18. TechZOnline's Avatar
    Bit late to respond, but I'd definitely like to give this phone a try. I agree that whoever runs their marketing division needs to have a re-think on how they portray their company...
    08-13-2014 04:57 PM
  19. Ernest TT's Avatar
    I want this phone and give up my Windows Phone, i love this phone design. And i will give up Windows phone
    08-13-2014 05:03 PM
  20. Kaustubh Gohokar's Avatar
    cuz i'm still using a blackberry
    08-13-2014 05:06 PM
  21. Mickey Bennet's Avatar
    Does that mean I CAN get naked?
    08-13-2014 05:06 PM
  22. djderekdude's Avatar
    Really hope I win. Who am I kidding? I never win anything. But it looks fantastic, I'm a fan of most phones with screens from 4.7 in. to 5.9 in. So I hope whoever wins really enjoys this. Good luck to all.

    Posted via Android Central App
    08-13-2014 05:11 PM
  23. Benrw1702's Avatar
    please add me to the contest
    08-13-2014 05:15 PM
  24. pmghag's Avatar
    Hi, I have seen the specs & pics of this phone. It"s a very nice phone. higher specs , good , all requirements are amazingly articulated at one place in one go ! I will love to have this phone.
    08-13-2014 05:19 PM
  25. Tim Mathis1's Avatar
    I would love one. Plus no shipping! I'm only 50 miles away! LOL
    08-13-2014 05:33 PM
3,774 ... 139140141142143 ...

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