12-15-2010 11:03 PM
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  1. scientific's Avatar
    Oh HELL YES!
    12-06-2010 06:17 PM
  2. redskynights4's Avatar
    well i think it would be super sweet to have a new nexus. im stuck with my eris and its dying fast upgrading to the new NXs would be awesome and itd be like flying my verizon contract is up too so now i can be free to roam!!

    12-06-2010 06:18 PM
  3. thegodfaza's Avatar
    I'm a developer for webOS but I'm interested in the Google Android platform. Hope the Nexus S is CDMA.
    12-06-2010 06:18 PM
  4. groan's Avatar
    ok, i'll expand, Please Offer S To (me)
    12-06-2010 06:19 PM
  5. tony597fitter's Avatar
    Can't wait.
    12-06-2010 06:19 PM
  6. gti3527's Avatar
    I would love to replace my phone with one that has more space for apps as my Nexus One does not have enough space for me.
    12-06-2010 06:19 PM
  7. fifteen's Avatar
    A Nexus Sonnet:

    "I love you, Nexus," always do say I
    To Nexus One, my love, my light, my life.
    But hark! What is this new device I spy!
    A Nexus S? And with great features rife!

    How great is its superior GPU?
    How marvelous its lovely curved glass screen?
    Oh Android Central, enable me to
    Investigate 'till answers I may glean.

    And furthermore, it ships with Gingerbread!
    A new UI so lovely, so stable!
    As if the hardware wasn't enough said,
    Such software makes it irresistible.

    I love my N1, I swear do, I do,
    But why have one Nexus when there are two?
    12-06-2010 06:19 PM
  8. Arcsol's Avatar
    I would love to win. I just registered here to post and participate in this
    12-06-2010 06:19 PM
  9. king8389's Avatar
    oo yea i need this phone
    12-06-2010 06:20 PM
  10. ceriem's Avatar
    I want this phoooonnnee!
    12-06-2010 06:21 PM
  11. pDoG's Avatar
    It would accompany my G2 very nicely..even more pure android!
    12-06-2010 06:22 PM
  12. jldupinet's Avatar
    Oh! I Want a Nexus S!! please fortune, choose me!
    12-06-2010 06:22 PM
  13. Finsol's Avatar
    Posting for a chance and good luck to everyone!
    12-06-2010 06:22 PM
  14. Jaredshoes's Avatar
    Gosh i would love to get this I need a new nexus phone
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  15. cherryhead25's Avatar
    Palm IIIx>Palm V> Handspring Prism> Dell Axim> Palm Treo 650> Palm Treo 700p> Sprint 6700> Sprint 6800> iPhone 3g> Nokia N900

    Don't you think it's time I give Android a try? Please don't make me resort to NITdroid.....

    Good Luck everyone! Have a great holiday!!!!!!
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  16. bahtenduh's Avatar
    My gf needs a new phone for Christmas.
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  17. stomi911's Avatar
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  18. jmccrillis's Avatar
    An Android phone that hasn't been ruined by blur or sense...Count me in.
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  19. kcoan3's Avatar
    Give me nexus s!!!!!! Please!!!!! With cherries on top!!!!
    12-06-2010 06:23 PM
  20. nonotford's Avatar
    a free nexus S would definitely help relieve my sprint palm pre frustrations, and give me something shiny to play with!
    12-06-2010 06:24 PM
  21. zerapio's Avatar
    Me, mee
    12-06-2010 06:24 PM
  22. prlovefh's Avatar
    I'm a day 1 Palm Pre user and all these new eye candy Android smartphones have been tempting me to jump ship ever since my Pre's 1 year birthday came and went and no new device came my way to keep me loyal to HPalm, so I've been looking for that beast of a machine smartphone to nudge me towards the way of Google, and I have come close with the Epic 4g and the Droid X, but I haven't budged, but now I think I have met my maker and the Nexus S is where it's @... I WANT YOU BADLY, COME TO ME!!!

    Come December 16, I, the day 1 Sprint Pre user, will be jumping to Mother Google and I have the Nexus S to thank!!!
    12-06-2010 06:24 PM
  23. youngrony's Avatar
    Android Pick Me !
    12-06-2010 06:24 PM
  24. erichighley's Avatar
    Be there baby!!!!
    12-06-2010 06:25 PM
  25. lostwhiteboyy's Avatar
    I would love to Cary this device in my pocket to use. Plus I could get the wife to start using android.
    12-06-2010 06:26 PM
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